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When Secrets (2)


Author: Candace Dowds


Tate has lost so much in the past four months.
Between her mother dying and her grandmother passing from a broken heart, there isn’t much more she can take.
While evaluating the deaths, it becomes clear that her mother’s demise wasn’t an accidental overdose.
Mere weeks after the only mother she knew, her father moves a new woman and her son into the house.
Tate will soon be sent into a tailspin trying to uncover the truth.


DESCRIPTION Tate's lost an enormous amount of herself in the past four months. Between her mother dying and her grandmother passing from a broken heart, there isn't much more she can take. While evaluating the deat

About the Author

Candace began writing after the passing of her son in 2009.

It has been an emotional release for her.

She is supported by her family and friends.

Other than the time she is writing, she sits back for hours reading books by her favorite authors, Tijan Meyer, Rachel Vincent, Richelle Mead, Colleen Hoover, Claudia Gray and so many more.

That or she will go for a calming drive while listening to Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshal Mathers or The Rap God, whichever you would like to call him.

Her kids are just like her, sarcastic, but fun loving.

The rules she lives by 1 Don’t take life too seriously 2 Don’t live up to others ridiculous expectations 3 Surround yourself with people who love you for you 4 If life becomes too much, have a stiff drink and start again tomorrow.

When Secrets Become Nightmares (1)

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Untitled design (33)j



Author: J.L. Belcher
Genre: Thriller


Love at first sight…
Few people do and others dream one day it will happen to them.
Teagan and Douglas never believed until one night it happened to them.
Six months later they are married and now on their honeymoon.
It is turning into a honeymoon from hell.
There are no other words to describe it.
Being caught in the worst snowstorm recorded in thirty-two years.
Trapped on the private island property with strange things happening and things going missing.
Unbeknown to the newlyweds, they are trapped with Hank, the hunter.
An extremely dangerous, unbalanced, psychopathic madman, who is missing his hunting trip with his friends.
But now Hank has other plans…
J.L. Belcher

About the Author

J.L. Belcher is an Australian author who lives on the east coast.
She is a quiet woman who writes risqué romance.
She has published 7 books since 2019.
She is a wife and a mother of 2 amazing adult children.

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