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All For You

Title: All For You
Series: Beautiful You Series Book One
Author: Belle Brooks
Genre: Women’s Fiction (ugly cry)
Release Date: July 28, 2019
“I will breathe for you.” 
Some people’s bodies are built to run marathons. Others to lift and labour. And some are made so graceful their footsteps are barely heard. 
My body was built to be a vessel. It was always built for you.
Maybelline Connors knows stars are not always as faultless as they appear. She knows life is not permanently concreted into its foundations, and love can last a lifetime … even when a lifetime is shorter than one hoped.
May has only one thing left to fight for: her baby. And when the man you love’s heart is breaking, it can be hard to find the beauty in those stars you once adored.
With life there is love … and with love there will always be life.


Born in Australia, Belle Brooks has always had a passion for books and creative writing. She loves exploring the different ways stories can be told through the use of text and in-depth characters. Since she was a child her strong talent and interest in creative writing was evident, explaining that her favourite class in school was English. Despite her love for all things books, she decided the world of advertising and marketing was where she could put her talents to use in the business realm, well that is until now. Belle enjoys creative writing and creating fictional stories that leave a valued message inside the pages.



Sweet Whispers

Title: Sweet Whispers
Author: Jeanette Lewis
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Editor: Elidryn Productions
Cover Designer: Najla Qamber Design
Publication Date: June 6th, 2019

As the executor of her grandfather’s estate, Melanie Bowers is returning to Indigo Bay for the first time in years. Her goal is to be in and out before anyone in town knows she’s there – especially Penn, the high school sweetheart who broke her heart by joining the military and leaving her alone, with no promise for their future together.

Penn Westover was anxious to complete his tour of duty, then spend the rest of his life with Melanie. But his dream shattered when she married someone else. He reluctantly moved on with his life, but he never forgot.

When Melanie and Penn reconnect in Indigo Bay and realize they’re both single again, their chemistry comes roaring back. The sparks are still there, but can they move beyond their painful memories and forgive, or are they better off leaving the past alone?

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Romance with Heart! Jeanette Lewis is a bestselling sweet romance author who specializes in writing character-driven stories with heart. Jeanette’s writing is known for her strong characters, depth, and detail, as well as plenty of sweet, swoony kissing scenes.

Dreaming up stories has always been one of Jeanette’s favorite things. Other favorites include family, friends, crisp Autumn days, having adventures, and frozen gummy bears.

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Training Maisy

Title: Training Maisy
Author: Samantha Morgan
Genre: Plus Size 2nd Chance Romance
Release Date: June 6, 2019




No stranger to the wild world of domination, Carter can spot a woman with a deep need for total submission from a mile a way. And the beautiful, but broken Maisy is just begging for it.


After joining a gym, a steamy night with Maisy’s personal trainer leads to more heartbreak when he tells her they can never be an item. He uses the gym’s policy as an excuse, but Maisy knows the truth: she’s just not desirable.
Carter thinks he’s protecting Maisy, but really, he’s protecting himself. His feelings seemingly come out of nowhere and he doesn’t know how to handle them. So he does what he does best: he runs. This way, he’s safe.
But she isn’t.
When Maisy’s abusive ex comes back into her life, she finally finds the inner strength to get rid of him for good. Only one problem: she’ll need Carter’s help to pull it off. Turning to him might hurt her pride…or reignite the passion between them. But the real question is whether their relationship will survive when her ex refuses to take no for an answer.



Hey! So my name is Samantha, and I’m a part time romance author, who attends classes during the day, and writes sinful seductive romantic by night. When I’m not in school studying for my NASM Certification, I also work as a portrait photographer at a small local studio near the parks of Ohio.
Some fun facts about me are that I love apple martinis and my favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Matrix and Star Wars. I’m a gamer girl too. If you can believe it, I have more video game consoles then I do shoes! Animals are close to my heart; I have a wild old female, dark brown doxen named Nikki who still acts like a puppy and I’ve always dreamed about having a dragon.
My favorite thing to do is to write sinfully, seductive stories that will melt your panties off, and emotional stories that will make you cry, and rejoice when the hero gets the girl in the end.

On the Surface

Title: On the Surface
Author: Nikki Ash
Genre: Second Chance Romance
Release Date: June 22, 2019
Cover Design: Juliana Cabrera with Jersey Girl Designs
Cover Photo: Sara Eirew with Eirew Photography
People see what they want to see. They only view what’s on the surface, and they’re easy to fool. I let them see on the outside that I’m a successful businesswoman. My clothes are designer, my makeup flawless, and I live in a high-rise condo in Lennox Hills. They see perfection, not what lies beneath the surface.
The real me, the one I keep hidden is a broken-hearted woman who uses the makeup to hide her tears. The expensive clothing covers a heart once shattered by love. The walls of my expensive home shelter a lonely woman who hides the fact that deep down she wants to be loved. A woman who is too scared to risk her fragile heart.
For ten years, I’ve managed to hide behind the image of perfection. Only letting people see what’s on the surface.
Until I ran into Jase.
Now, every raw emotion, every shattered piece of my heart that I buried long ago is exposed outside the protective walls of my high-rise condo. No matter how hard I try, I can’t keep the walls from crumbling. He sees me beyond the image that I’ve created. He says he can handle what’s below the surface, but can I?

“Stop. I’m not fucking kidding, Celeste. You don’t cry. Ever.”
“Give me back my clutch,” I demand. 
“After you tell me why you’re upset enough to shed tears.” Not able to have this conversation sober, I down a shot that’s sitting on the table. It burns like a bitch, but I more than welcome the discomfort. After I repeat this two more times, Nick pulls the tray out of my reach. 
“You’ve had enough to drink,” he chides. “Now tell me what’s wrong.” I’ve never told anyone about him. No one. I left to New York without looking back and kept what I thought we shared all to myself. But suddenly, as I look at Nick and Olivia looking at me, I feel like the weight is too much. I need to tell someone, and if I’m going to trust anyone to know my truth, it’s them. “I fell in love,” I breathe out, falling into the chair across from them.
Their eyes go wide, and Olivia moves from next to Nick over to me. “With Chad?” Olivia asks, confused. 
“No, we actually broke up tonight,” I admit. “When I was eighteen. I fell in love…and then he broke my heart. And I…I just don’t understand why I wasn’t enough.”


Pocahontas and the Reluctant Brave




Loosely based on the fairytale – Pocahontas.

Atalia “Pocahontas” Sweetwater is a savvy lawyer.

She is determined to better the life of her people, particularly the women.

She is loyal to the Howlani Indian tribe and proud of her ancestry.

Her father is Chief, she is a Princess.

Justus ‘Whitecloud’ Rivers is also a talented lawyer.

He is a man who likes to defend white men over Indians.

A man bitter about his past and his half caste ancestry.

A man who wants nothing to do with the Howlani or any other Indian tribe.

Then, he encounters Pocahontas and the world as he knows it is turned upside down.


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(C) Susan Horsnell 2019

Dual POV

Atalia (Pocahontas) POV.


After Clyde left, I put together the paperwork for his custody case and walked them across the street to the court. I wanted to get the matter settled as quickly as possible so he could get on with his life without the constant worry.

Meredith Casey, one of the clerks, accepted the paperwork and raised her eyebrows.

“This one is going to be messy.”

“What do you mean?” I wondered what she knew that I didn’t.

“Sharon’s lawyer lodged her paperwork about an hour ago and from what I read, she’s going to be a real bitch.”

“Who’s representing her?”

“Justus Rivers.”

“For fuck sake. Justus Whitecloud is going to use his hatred of his own people against a man who is doing the right thing?”

“Looks that way. What’s his story anyway? Why is there so much hate? I’ve heard a few versions about how the tribal elders turned his mother out when they found out she was carrying a white man’s baby. I guess times were different back then and interracial fraternization wasn’t accepted.”

“Honestly? I don’t think anyone knows the real story except Justus and his mother. I asked, but the elders said it was none of my business and if he or his mother wanted me to know, they would tell me themselves. Problem is, Justus won’t give me, or anyone else from the res, the time of day. Word is the hatred runs both ways between him and some of the braves, but it’s a mystery – those who know aren’t talking. I’ve tried asking my aunt, even my father – being the Chief he would know, but they’re tight lipped also. Meanwhile, Justus seems to like to provoke them by taking cases of white men over his own people.”

“It’s a shame, so much bitterness in such a handsome specimen of a man.”

“Maybe one day someone will spill. I’ll catch up later.”

I left the building and crossed the street, heading toward my ground floor office. I pondered again, what the real story could be. I was still deep in thought when I crossed the threshold into the waiting room of my office. I was jerked from my daydreaming by a deep, husky voice coming from behind me.  It sent electricity type bolts shooting through me from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.

“Miss Sweetwater.”

His voice was like a fine whiskey – aged, with a touch of roughness. I spun around so fast my feet fell over themselves and I smacked into a broad and very hard chest. His arms wrapped around me to keep me from falling. Lifting my head, I gazed into dark gray eyes which danced with mirth at my dilemma, despite the frown on his face. I extricated myself from his hold and stepped back.

“Sorry, Mr. Whitecloud.”



“Rivers, I don’t use that other name.”

“Oh. You wanted something from me?”

Talk about a loaded question. I felt my face flush with embarrassment as he ran his eyes over the length of my body.

“Not interested in your type, but if you have a few minutes to spare from your busy schedule, I would like to discuss something professional with you.”

My type? My type! How dare he! The arrogant sonofabitch. I felt my hackles rise and anger surged through me. I reminded myself to remain professional even if he didn’t. I did however lower myself to his level by perusing his body before answering.

He was taller than most men I’d encountered and I reached only to his shoulder. I judged him to be somewhere in the middle of six to seven feet, he would have made a good basketball player. Broad shouldered, his arm muscles bulged beneath the confines of his shirt. His waist tapered in, his hips narrow. I swallowed hard, having an inappropriately vivid image of the v muscles leading down to what I pictured as a deliciously long, thick cock. I stepped back. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was ogling a man with a known hatred for Indians and I was a full-blooded native. Still, I couldn’t resist returning my eyes to his handsome face – his nose was neither small or large, his jaw strong. Thick, pouty lips and fuck, he was smiling like he knew what I’d been thinking. I didn’t know teeth could be so white and perfect. His skin was olive in color and his jet black hair lay loose around his shoulders – there was no doubt this man has been blessed with a large dose of Indian blood.

Justus cleared his throat and my eyes snapped to his.

“Are you done with eye fucking me?”

“Just getting to know you in the same way you did me a few moments ago. I’m not interested either. Now, we’re both done, what did you want to speak to me about?”

“Can we talk in your office?”

“I glanced at the watch on my wrist. I had nothing on for the rest of the afternoon but he didn’t need to know that. I turned toward Bridie – my receptionist, confidante, best friend and life saver. She’d pulled me out of shit on so many occasions I’d lost count. “Please let me know when my next appointment arrives, Bridie. This shouldn’t take long.” I returned my attention to Justus. “This way Mr. Whitecloud.”


“Of course, sorry.” I led him through the doorway to my office, a smirk on my face.


I live in sunny Queensland, Australia and retired after 37 years of Nursing.

My husband of 44 years, together with our elderly Jack Russell Terrier and extremely opinionated 26-year-old Cockatiel, enjoy exploring the country with our caravan.

When we are at home, we spend our time renovating our home.

I write a variety of stories including Western Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, Male/Male, Menage and Shapeshifter.

Each book has a strong focus on story line with romantic interest building throughout.

I explore real life issues from kids on the streets to motorcycle war and put my own twist on each one.








Falling for Mr. Wrong

Title: Falling for Mr. Wrong
Series: Dunlin Shores Series #3
Author: Ann Roth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 22, 2019
Great for fans of Susan Mallery, Bella Andre, and Marie Force. Falling for Mr. Wrong is a small town, feel-good romance, book #3 a four-book series.
Mitch Matthews is a regular guest at the Oceanside B and B, but until now he’s never arrived without a beautiful woman at his side. This time he’s here alone, to work on his book. So why, if he came alone for solitude, does he want to spend so much time with the B and B’s sociable owner, Fran Bishop?
Fran has been drawn to Mitch for years, but she knows friendship is as far as their relationship will ever go. The sexy, successful motivational speaker isn’t the type to settle in the sleepy Pacific coast town of Dunlin Shores, Oregon, especially with a woman like Fran, who wants not just a husband and children, but solid roots.
Can this certified hunk be looking at Fran in a whole new way? It takes an extraordinary event for him—and for Fran—to find out.


A Special Kind of Love – May 29, 2019


Award-winning author Ann Roth writes small town contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She has published over 35 novels, as well as several short stories and novellas, both through New York publishers and independently.
A true believer in love and happy endings, Ann enjoys watching her characters learn and grow as they face challenges and hurdles, and ultimately find love.
Ann has lived in the greater Seattle area since she headed for the University of Washington and fell in love with Seattle… and her future husband.


Wedding Bell Blues

Title: Wedding Bell Blues
Series: Dunlin Shores Series #2
Author: Ann Roth
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 15, 2019
Every detail of the wedding was planned… Except romance

When events planner Cammie Yarnell agrees to do a wedding at the Oceanside Bed and Breakfast, she knows the tough part will be keeping a smile on her face. Not too long ago she’d planned a walk down the aisle at the sumptuous B and B herself—and called it off. Worse, she’s working this event with Finn Brannigan, the photographer who knew all about her fiancé’s cheating and kept it a secret, betraying her trust as a friend.


Yet her anger starts to fade once the showers and dinner parties bring her closer to Finn. Now his misguided belief that he’s bad for her is standing in the way of Cammie’s trip to the altar—with him.



“You’re not gonna like this.” Kelly fiddled with her coffee mug, then dropped her bomb. “Daddy has hired Finn Brannigan to photograph everything.” Finn Brannigan. The very name grated against Cammie’s nerves, and under the table her foot tapped rapidly on the black-and-white linoleum. The despicable man, whom she’d once considered a close friend and had often worked with, was responsible for introducing her to Todd. Finn had watched her fall in love, never once bothering to mention that Todd was a liar and a cheat. She’d discovered the ugly fact herself, the morning after the bachelor party. Some friend Finn Brannigan had turned out to be. She narrowed her eyes. “I don’t work with him anymore.” “I know, and I tried to change Daddy’s mind, but he says Finn’s the best and he won’t settle for anyone else. He also says you two were the best event planner– photographer team on the west coast, and it’s time you moved past your personal problems and worked together again.” “Well, your daddy is wrong.” Cammie relied on other photographers now. She avoided Finn and limited what she said to him when they ran into each other. Which, given that the population of Dunlin Shores was only 2,274, happened regularly. Kelly’s face fell. “Then you won’t plan my wedding?” She looked up to Cammie, and Cammie considered her family. She couldn’t let her down. Besides, she and Finn were both professionals able to separate business from their personal lives. As long as she remembered that, she could survive working with him again. Just this once. “If you were anyone else… But I love you dearly. I’ll do it.” Kelly exhaled a loud breath. “Thank you.” That settled, Cammie uncapped the Waterman’s. “Let’s do some planning.”


Falling For Mr. Wrong – May 22, 2019
A Special Kind of Love – May 29, 2019


Award-winning author Ann Roth writes small town contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She has published over 35 novels, as well as several short stories and novellas, both through New York publishers and independently.
A true believer in love and happy endings, Ann enjoys watching her characters learn and grow as they face challenges and hurdles, and ultimately find love.
Ann has lived in the greater Seattle area since she headed for the University of Washington and fell in love with Seattle… and her future husband.