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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY to all my American Friends.

Our two countries’ histories are certainly intertwined.

I was advised by hubby, a long serving member of the Australian Defence Force (Navy) and avid war history buff, that the 4th of July 1918 was the date of the BATTLE OF HAMEL in Northern France.

American Expeditionary Force troops fought alongside Aussie troops under the command of Aussie Lieutenant General John Monash.


Although small, this battle was significant in that it was the first time infantry, artillery, tanks and aircraft had been used together. The battle was expected to be over in 90 minutes, it took just 93 minutes and was extremely successful, capturing large number of the enemy and weapons. It set the new standard for how battles would be fought for the remainder of WW1.









Monash was subsequently knighted in the field by King George V In Aug 18. It was the first time someone had been knighted in the field for 200 years.












So, while you enjoy the celebrations on your very special day, stay safe and spare a thought for our two armies who also stood up for our freedoms.