The Carter Brothers Series

The Carter Brothers

The Old West



This Series has it all

MATT – The Carter Brothers

Book 1

When Matt Carter helps to rescue a young girl, who has been ferociously beaten and left to die, he doesn’t expect she will capture his heart.

Maddie Chandler has no idea why someone would want to kill her and she is terrified they will return. And, why can’t she remember who she is or where she is from?

Can Matt protect her from the vicious outlaws who are determined to take something from her?

Will local Law Enforcement, Texas Rangers and Indian Trackers find the vicious outlaws before someone is killed?

A story about tender love, murder, greed and intrigue.


WILL – The Carter Brothers

Book 2

Will Carter, a deputy in Gold Springs, has no intention of settling down and the furthest thing from his mind is marriage.

He insists his brothers would have to hogtie him to get him down the aisle.


He meets Rebecca Nolan.

Their first meeting results in a bruised jaw, a sore backside and a stay in jail.

Will’s attitude regarding women is proven right by the feisty hellcat.

So, why does she get under his skin?

Will she be able to save his life?


CLAY – The Carter Brothers

Book 3

A gal burned and scarred in a fire who wants nothing to do with the sexiest, most eligible bachelor in town. She’s convinced he’s out for only one thing.

Add in an escapee bull who loves the ladies, a couple of idiot wannabe criminals who tell the law where to find them and their kidnap victim and you have a whole heap of Wild West fun with a large dash of drama.

BUT, will the hero capture his heroine, the gal with “the sexiest behind I’ve ever laid eyes on” or, will his ‘cute’ face fail to win her over?

This is the third and final book in the Carter Brothers Series