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Title: A Dowry of Snails and Mud

Author: Brittany Tucker

Release Date: 10 January 2023

Young Adult Medieval Fiction/Royalty Folklore/Fairytale


16-year-old, Rhia Caddell, doesn’t know what’s worse-arranged marriages or high finance. 

Now she’s stuck with both when her desperate father agrees to marry her to the oh-so-dainty Prince of Wales in an attempt at royal tax negotiations.

As a farmer, Rhia prefers toiling in the earth over romance.

Life in a fiefdom requires muscle, and what good is a man who can’t outlift her or bring a belligerent steer to the ground?

But now, the pressure has fallen onto her to whoo (or intimidate) her new, royal husband into erasing her village’s debt before the king’s final deadline comes due.

Problem is, the prince has been given the same task-to sway his new wife, the mayor’s daughter, into forking over the gold and finally earning his father’s approval.

For Rhia, losing their new, delicate game would mean turning over the only life and home she’s ever known to the king.

Winning, though, could mean giving up the fragile prince she’s tried so hard, and failed, not to love.

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About the Author

Brittany Tucker lives on an island off the coast of Washington state with her husband, daughter, a menagerie of fur-children, and her imagination. She prefers generic cereal, collects tattoos and action figures, and was in the top 5% on the planet for ship’s sunk in Assassin’s Creed III.

She studied old Hollywood story telling and script writing with professionals, and works with children and teens in youth ministry, giving her a deeper insight into what young readers crave in stories.

Brittany also likes to write books from time to time. (Just kidding, all the time.)

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Nefari Ashcroft has finally claimed her crown and her title as Queen of the Shadow Kingdom.
Now, she marches East to Salix with her army and the armies of the countries who support her.
She’s ready to be done with it, ready to free her people and kill the Queen of Salix before the Queen can truly gain rule of the entire realm.
But war is never as easy as it sounds because with war comes casualties.
Casualties are just one hurdle she has to deal with.
The members within Nefari’s army are at odds with one another while harvestmen rake paths through villages, killing all those who live there.
Still somehow, someway, Nefari has to balance it all. It’s her fate to see this through.
How will she free her people when her plan is falling apart around her when she knows that soon, she’ll meet the woman who stole everything from her?
She knows there’s a good chance she’ll lose everything, including her life. She’s prepared for that, but that doesn’t make this any easier.

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