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The Endgame

A Brother’s Best Friend Sports Romance


By Bianca Borell

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Every girl with a brother grows up with one fundamental rule: his best friend is off limits. That’s one rule she longs to break when he crashes into her life. 


Amelie Weston has been taking the safe path for as long as she can remember. Not disappointing her parents by pursuing the career she wants. And not pursuing the guy she’s been crushing on.


But she’s tired of being the good girl.


Her brother’s best friend is pushing her to stop being a people pleaser and open the bakery of her dreams. Little does he know he’s also at the top of the list of her heart’s greatest desires… and he’s making himself impossible to resist.


Levi Kingston fully intends to become a legend on the field as one of the best players ever. He must stay focused and work relentlessly toward his goal. He doesn’t have time for distractions… until he meets his best friend’s sister, and his well-laid plan is challenged. 


Bad timing, responsibilities, and loyalty to her brother keep them apart. But the connection between them only grows stronger. Their feelings become impossible to ignore, and the fight against them is pointless.


Will they take a chance on love? Or waste an opportunity for long-awaited happiness?

About Bianca Borell

Bianca Borell is a contemporary romance author, voracious reader, nature lover, and unapologetic daydreamer. She spends her nights deciding between getting up to write or trying to silence the voices of her characters. The battle is never-ending.

She has a weakness for tormented characters, second chances, and happy endings.

She currently lives in Germany with her amazing husband and indulges in way too many pastries than she should.

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Justice for Ginger

Thanksgiving Brides Book 5

By Annee Jones


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Five years ago, Ginger Carlyle turned down a marriage proposal that everyone, including Jacob Noble, thought she would agree to.


Five years ago, Jacob Noble took a job in a northern California mining town that he hoped would help him to forget the love he’d left behind in Ashton. But there was no way he could forget Ginger, or his own broken heart.


Back in Ashton, Ginger has been beset by tragedy after tragedy. After her father’s death, she is the only one who can care for her ailing mother and manage the family house and land. But hard work isn’t enough when the bank comes looking for the mortgage payments. Unable to tell her mother the truth about their dire financial circumstances, Ginger will have to work even harder to make sure that their Thanksgiving holiday is as joyful as it always was when her father was alive.


However, after Ginger is accused of stealing from her new employer, her whole world is turned upside down. She’s dragged to the sheriff’s office where she’s shocked to discover the new deputy is none other than the very man whose proposal, she turned down all those years ago.


As the past is re-visited and secrets come to light, is there hope that justice will be Ginger’s in time for Thanksgiving?

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Hidden Flight

Genre: Paranormal Romance | 

By Tonya Clark

USA Today Bestselling Author


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Overnight I go from being one of a kind to being told I’m next in line to take over…

He’s moody, pushy and won’t stop following me. He literally dropped me out of the sky. However, the intense need to lose control has me unable to stay away from him.

I know what she is, I sensed it the moment I walked through the door. Problem is none of us can figure out exactly who she is. Staying away is causing a physical need I’ve never felt before.

Everyone has been taught you don’t mess with another’s mate—no matter what kind of shifter you are. That didn’t stop them.

Now it’s time to fight.


About Tonya Clark:

USA Today bestselling author Tonya Clark lives in California with her hot firefighter hubby and two amazing daughters. She is a little over obsessed with the color purple and wishes she could wear a hoodie everyday of the year.

Not only does she write about hot guys for readers to fall in love with, she also has the amazing job of photographing those hot male and female models for the covers. Add in some very little spare time for the multiple soccer teams she coaches.

She writes contemporary romance, buts like to mix the sub genres up with a little suspense, sport, second chance, MC and shifters, and deaf romance.

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Series: Hot Vegas Nights Collaboration
Authors: Kaylee Monroe, Kate Stacy, TL Mayhew, & Anise Storm
Genre: Steamy Protector Romance
Collection Hosted by: S.L. Sterling

Waking up in Vegas, not remembering what happened the night before, is probably a standard thing that happens in this town. A town filled with flowing alcohol and unmitigated debauchery is bound to lead to some memory loss.

It’s never happened to me. Until today.

Today I woke up in a hotel room in Vegas—the place that’s supposed to be my sanctuary after finding out that my boyfriend of a year was cheating on me—with a man in my bed. An incredibly sexy man with a muscular back that women would swoon for.

Until I realize . . . this hot, gorgeous man is my ex’s brother.

Oh and there’s a wedding ring on my finger.

This trip is definitely not going as expected, and this relationship will drop grenades into both of our lives.

Yet I’m starting to believe that I don’t care about the destruction, because this is the brother I’d wanted all along.

Waking up Married in Las Vegas is part of the Hot Vegas Nights series. About Hot Vegas Nights:
The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.

Waitressing part-time at a small town bar and crashing in my older brother’s guest room isn’t where I pictured myself at twenty-five. Yet, that’s where I end up after finding my fiancé buried seven inches deep in my best friend on our kitchen counter.
Needing a break from my disaster of a life, I let my brother convince me to join him in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding. Being Sin City has me discovering things about myself that I never knew—like my apparent inability to turn down a dare.
That’s how I end up in a chair on the main stage of a strip club getting a panty-melting lapdance meant for the bride. It’s like a scene straight out of my filthiest fantasies. The dancer is sexy as sin, but being the sole focus of a man whose intense gaze burns down to the deepest parts of me has me feeling more than a little out of depth.
As an entertainer at one of the hottest male-only revue clubs on The Vegas Strip, it’s my job to fuel women’s fantasies. Despite the stereotypes about men in my profession—I’m no playboy. I don’t have a different woman in my bed every night, and I never mess around with women from the club.
It’s a night like any other when a routine dance for a bachelorette party has me locking eyes with a gorgeous woman who makes the rest of the world fall away. I’ve never felt such an intense attraction. Something about her has me wanting to break all my rules. So, when the night is over and I’m unable to get her out of my head, I promise myself I’ll shoot my shot if I ever see her again.
As if the universe is giving me a sign, an impromptu favor for a friend puts me at the wedding she’s attending the very next night. She’s only in Vegas for a short time and getting involved might end in heartbreak, but for her—I’m ready and willing to take the risk.

Claudette Langdon

Is recently divorced and sole owner to a five star hotel on the strip. She’s not looking for love, especially with the young valet half her age. She knows he played a part in her ex-husband’s double life and now, she wants revenge.

Noah Masterson

Could have his pick of any woman who crosses his path, and he has, but he’s not interested in settling down. Not when his sights are set on a career of becoming a professional poker player. One dumb mistake leads to a debt owed and soon he’s doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Ellusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.

During these 18 Hot Vegas Nights, you’ll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away!
Seventeen books are all written with your pleasure in mind.

The son of Hollywood elite, Jagger Crawford was content to live off his parents’ fame while spending his days and nights participating in one drunken orgy after another. When it came to salacious publicity, he was a walking, talking headline. Jagger was a lost cause, or so the gossip mongers said.

Image consultant Amelia “Lia” Franks believed otherwise. Even after finding out that her first client is Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy, she is determined to do what no other has been able to do: redeem the so-called “unredeemable”.

Lia accompanies him to Las Vegas for what Jagger thinks will be a week of debauchery. Once there, though, she begins to realize there is more to Jagger Crawford than meets the eye. His larger-than-life personality is only a small part of him. There is so much more beneath the surface.

Good girls like bad boys, but that isn’t true for her. Jagger is simply a client and nothing more. Or is he? Is that half-truth as fake as the relationship they have to maintain around his friends? Or is it entirely possible that when seeking redemption, they have found something more…

Spend a couple of hot Vegas nights with Jagger and Lia to find out….



The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.
During these 16 Hot Vegas Nights, you’ll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away!
Sixteen books that are all written with your pleasure in mind.
Get ready for Hot Vegas Nights!
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Shannon O’Connor & M Leigh Morhaime – All’s Fair in Love & Vegas – releasing November 28
D.M. Davis – Vegas Storm – releasing November 30
E.M. Shue – Vegas Jackpot – releasing December 1
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Title: Butterfly Effect
Author: Laikyn Meng
Genre: Enemies to Lovers/Sports Romance
Release Date: November 21, 2022
He is begging for redemption, she is aching for revenge.
He isn’t the answer to my prayers. Even if half the student body on campus believes he is a gift from God and a Greek statue body to make matters worse.
The word enemies doesn’t deserve the delicious description for the tension between us. Make no mistake there is no love here.
Aladdin “Lad” Lorenzo, my personal curse since high school. You would think a new territory would cause disruption in the social ladder but he wears a crown on a national level.
Too bad I’m not the shy girl who gave him my virginity on graduation night.
Tragedy beat the innocence out of me. Now all that remains is a sarcastic woman seething of vengeance to claim a name of her own.
In the Water They Make Waves is an Enemies to Lovers Multicultural Sports Romance.
+18 Mature, Sexual Content. Explicit Scenes and Alcohol and Drug Use.
Trigger Warnings: Opioid addiction, death of a parent, mentions eating disorders.
*Book ends on a cliff hanger*

“I fell in love with these two and I can’t get enough of them. The ending ripped my heart out and stomped on it. I was hooked from page 1. This was so good!”- Goodreads Review

“I love you.” Make those words make this right.

“I love you!” Aly’s words are fierce as she demands me to hear them. “I’ve always loved you. Because despite all the betrayal and lies, I know it isn’t your fault, it’s mine. And maybe pity looks better on me than you. But I loved you way more than I ever knew I could. And I never want to love anyone else the way I allowed you to destroy me. How pathetic did it make me look?” Her face is in torment, and my air is choking for fresh starts.

“Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that, please.” There is evidence in my eyes, and I don’t want to release the pain yet. It is mine to be punished with.

“Okay, Lad, I think we’ve said enough.” Alyeska wipes her face and hands, but I can’t be done. She starts to walk away, and I follow her. Rush tries to stop me but it is impossible to let the woman I love more than swimming leave my life.

“It was real.” I bend my head down to the grass.

“Maybe to you, but to me, I didn’t know the difference.” Aly doesn’t look back as she walks away. I don’t blame her. I don’t blame anyone, except myself.
Laikyn Meng is a Japanese American indie author.

She has penned over thirty publications. She maintains a steady stream of romantic expression involving diverse character representation.

She is the author of noteworthy series, the female empowered; Femme Fatale, and the family drama; Mum’s the Word. The five-star phenomenon, National Parks. Her poetry and memoirs have appeared in literary magazines. Laikyn’s unique tone is an iconic symbol for her stories.

Originally from Idaho, she resides wherever the road takes her and her three children.



Kisses and Winter Wishes 

A Historical Romance Collection 

Romance Café Collection Book 17


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Available on Kindle Unlimited


 Hot kisses and scandalous wishes…

Join amorous rakes, shy wallflowers and a powerful maharani on a journey through the racy Regency to the turbulent 1940s.

Petticoats fly, cravats are crushed, and silk saris unravel in this collection of historical romances from USA Today best-selling and award-winning romance authors, curated by The New Romance Cafe. HEA guaranteed.

Participating Authors:

Angelina Jameson

Clyve Rose

Emma Brady

Evangeline Gold

Grace Hartwell

Heather Osborne

Rose Pearson

Shanti James

Tanya Wilde


About The New Romance Cafe

The New Romance Café is the place to get your daily dose of romance books. 

Hang out with like-minded readers and authors at different stages of their writing journey, in a diverse and inclusive group. 

Find out about new releases, take part in fun discussions, and recommend your favourite reads in the safe space of the Café.


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Title: Travis

Series:  Rugged Skulls MC – Next Generation #3
Author: Amy Davies
Genre: MC Romance
Cover Design: Designs by Dana
Cover Model: Dylan Horsch
Photographer: FuriousFotog
Release Date: December 20, 2022

When you belong to the Rugged Skulls MC you have everything at your fingertips. Money, women, and whisky. Club life isn’t always easy, but it’s filled with love, loyalty, and respect.

People always told me that one day a special woman would come along and ruin me for all others. Then one day I saw Willa and she took my breath away. I knew from the moment I saw her that I had to have her. Her curvy body was created for me, and me alone.

Every beat of her heart, every breathy moan, they all belong to me.

Willa’s mine in every way, and she’s built for club life. After a shock attack, one thing is for certain, our story will last a lifetime, one single moment keeps us connected.

The club and I will do what we need to keep her safe. Willa will come to realize that when you’re a Rugged Skull, no one stands alone.


thumbnail (1)

Author: Tricia Wentworth
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Release Date:  12.12.22


A crooked crown which belonged to a prince. A prince who very well might become king someday. But he wasn’t my prince. Or wasn’t supposed to be. Yet now he was.

Jorah Demir has done the unthinkable, she has switched Assemblages. During an attempt to flee, Prince Krewan saved her from being apprehended by the king’s guards. But there is a catch. The king believes her relationship with Prince Krewan to be real. Now they must sell their ruse like Jorah’s life depends upon it. Because it does—she is surrounded by Enchanted at every turn.

With the king’s guards appearing at all hours of the day, Jorah and Krew are forced to uphold the ruse even behind closed doors. And when Jorah’s blood causes a bloom in the dead forest, it sends them chasing down answers together.

As the Assemblages continue and the lines between their budding friendship and their ruse blur, Jorah will have to make a tough decision. Can she leave the castle knowing the danger the princes must face? And with her newfound ability to heal the forest, will she ever be safe from the king again?


About the Author

Tricia Wentworth is the award-winning author of The Culling series.
Though she began writing at a young age, she didn’t realize her love of writing would take over until after she graduated college with her teaching degree.
She currently resides in Nebraska with her husband, three sons, and English bulldog.
She hoards notebooks, pretty pens, books, and tea.
When not reading, writing, or momming, she can be found squeezing in a run or feeding her sugar addiction by baking something ridiculously delicious.



Author: Sara A Mosier

Genre: LGBTQI+ Fantasy



Carwyn and Valen, together for decades, have lived at times thousands of miles away from one another.

But when Carwyn begins to have visions of the destruction of not only their home but himself, his husband must return to their castle.

It’s not the usual fire and pitchforks, but something darker.


About the Author

Sara A. Mosier is a Nebraska author and poet. She has poetry and photographs published in several issues of Laurus Magazine, an undergraduate magazine at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Her collection of Midwestern themed poetry is published in University of Nebraska Press’s 75th Anniversary edition of “Voices of Nebraska”. Her queer romantic short stories “Sparkling Human Conundrum” and “Summer Dilemma” can be found in the anthologies Love Dust and Salty Tales on Amazon, as well as other LGBTQ short stories and poetry in the anthologies “Untamed”, “Merrow”, “Love Like This”, “Pride and Passion” and “Songs of The Rainbow” by United Faedom Publishing.

She has also released her debut book of poetry titled Unfettered: A Collection of Poetry available as well on Amazon.

Title: Pop Smoke: An OPS Protector Romance Novel

Series: Owens Protective Services Book 4
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Protector/Alpha Romance
Release Date: November 28, 2022
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs
I am the shadow that moves in the night, the one that has you constantly looking over your shoulder.
I work within the bounds of the law when it suits me, but make one wrong move and I’ll throw the rule book out the window to end you.
My job requires a certain level of deception, an ability to put aside feelings and relationships to get the job done.
I can honestly say there’s not a single person alive I wouldn’t betray for the right reasons.
It’s who I am and I can’t change.
I won’t.
But there’s one woman that threatens to break me.
I knew it the moment I met her four years ago. So young and naive, it’s easy to see how a woman like her could fall for a man like me.
She doesn’t see through the lies and manipulations.
She thinks she knows the man I am, but she only sees what I allow.
I’ve done everything in my power to keep her safe from me, but now I have to do something that could nearly gut me.
I have to betray her.
I know she’ll never forgive me, but this isn’t just about the job.
Someone’s life is at stake, and unfortunately for her, his life is one I can’t allow to slip away.
She’ll never forgive me—that’s if she lives.
And I’ll never forgive myself.
But these defining moments in life are what make us who we are.
I know I’ll always be the man that will get the job done.
No matter the cost.
“Oh man, how I have missed this lady’s stories with those protective, badass, love hard, ex-military men!”– Give Me All The Books (In the Trenches)
“An exciting, action packed, romantic duo filled with laughs and romance!” -Cajun Heat Book Blog (Nuclear Option)
“Action-packed, with witty banter, laugh aloud moments, crazy antics, emotions, danger, suspense, intrigue, family, loyalty, friendships, and love, which leads to an entertaining and addictive page turner.”– Wendy’s Book Blog (Charlie Foxtrot)

I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.