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The Endgame

A Brother’s Best Friend Sports Romance


By Bianca Borell

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Every girl with a brother grows up with one fundamental rule: his best friend is off limits. That’s one rule she longs to break when he crashes into her life. 


Amelie Weston has been taking the safe path for as long as she can remember. Not disappointing her parents by pursuing the career she wants. And not pursuing the guy she’s been crushing on.


But she’s tired of being the good girl.


Her brother’s best friend is pushing her to stop being a people pleaser and open the bakery of her dreams. Little does he know he’s also at the top of the list of her heart’s greatest desires… and he’s making himself impossible to resist.


Levi Kingston fully intends to become a legend on the field as one of the best players ever. He must stay focused and work relentlessly toward his goal. He doesn’t have time for distractions… until he meets his best friend’s sister, and his well-laid plan is challenged. 


Bad timing, responsibilities, and loyalty to her brother keep them apart. But the connection between them only grows stronger. Their feelings become impossible to ignore, and the fight against them is pointless.


Will they take a chance on love? Or waste an opportunity for long-awaited happiness?

About Bianca Borell

Bianca Borell is a contemporary romance author, voracious reader, nature lover, and unapologetic daydreamer. She spends her nights deciding between getting up to write or trying to silence the voices of her characters. The battle is never-ending.

She has a weakness for tormented characters, second chances, and happy endings.

She currently lives in Germany with her amazing husband and indulges in way too many pastries than she should.

Follow Bianca here: 

For updates, news, and releases, be sure to visit Bianca’s official website Here

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Series: Hot Vegas Nights Collaboration
Authors: Kaylee Monroe, Kate Stacy, TL Mayhew, & Anise Storm
Genre: Steamy Protector Romance
Collection Hosted by: S.L. Sterling

Waking up in Vegas, not remembering what happened the night before, is probably a standard thing that happens in this town. A town filled with flowing alcohol and unmitigated debauchery is bound to lead to some memory loss.

It’s never happened to me. Until today.

Today I woke up in a hotel room in Vegas—the place that’s supposed to be my sanctuary after finding out that my boyfriend of a year was cheating on me—with a man in my bed. An incredibly sexy man with a muscular back that women would swoon for.

Until I realize . . . this hot, gorgeous man is my ex’s brother.

Oh and there’s a wedding ring on my finger.

This trip is definitely not going as expected, and this relationship will drop grenades into both of our lives.

Yet I’m starting to believe that I don’t care about the destruction, because this is the brother I’d wanted all along.

Waking up Married in Las Vegas is part of the Hot Vegas Nights series. About Hot Vegas Nights:
The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.

Waitressing part-time at a small town bar and crashing in my older brother’s guest room isn’t where I pictured myself at twenty-five. Yet, that’s where I end up after finding my fiancé buried seven inches deep in my best friend on our kitchen counter.
Needing a break from my disaster of a life, I let my brother convince me to join him in Las Vegas for a friend’s wedding. Being Sin City has me discovering things about myself that I never knew—like my apparent inability to turn down a dare.
That’s how I end up in a chair on the main stage of a strip club getting a panty-melting lapdance meant for the bride. It’s like a scene straight out of my filthiest fantasies. The dancer is sexy as sin, but being the sole focus of a man whose intense gaze burns down to the deepest parts of me has me feeling more than a little out of depth.
As an entertainer at one of the hottest male-only revue clubs on The Vegas Strip, it’s my job to fuel women’s fantasies. Despite the stereotypes about men in my profession—I’m no playboy. I don’t have a different woman in my bed every night, and I never mess around with women from the club.
It’s a night like any other when a routine dance for a bachelorette party has me locking eyes with a gorgeous woman who makes the rest of the world fall away. I’ve never felt such an intense attraction. Something about her has me wanting to break all my rules. So, when the night is over and I’m unable to get her out of my head, I promise myself I’ll shoot my shot if I ever see her again.
As if the universe is giving me a sign, an impromptu favor for a friend puts me at the wedding she’s attending the very next night. She’s only in Vegas for a short time and getting involved might end in heartbreak, but for her—I’m ready and willing to take the risk.

Claudette Langdon

Is recently divorced and sole owner to a five star hotel on the strip. She’s not looking for love, especially with the young valet half her age. She knows he played a part in her ex-husband’s double life and now, she wants revenge.

Noah Masterson

Could have his pick of any woman who crosses his path, and he has, but he’s not interested in settling down. Not when his sights are set on a career of becoming a professional poker player. One dumb mistake leads to a debt owed and soon he’s doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Ellusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.

During these 18 Hot Vegas Nights, you’ll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away!
Seventeen books are all written with your pleasure in mind.

The son of Hollywood elite, Jagger Crawford was content to live off his parents’ fame while spending his days and nights participating in one drunken orgy after another. When it came to salacious publicity, he was a walking, talking headline. Jagger was a lost cause, or so the gossip mongers said.

Image consultant Amelia “Lia” Franks believed otherwise. Even after finding out that her first client is Hollywood’s most notorious bad boy, she is determined to do what no other has been able to do: redeem the so-called “unredeemable”.

Lia accompanies him to Las Vegas for what Jagger thinks will be a week of debauchery. Once there, though, she begins to realize there is more to Jagger Crawford than meets the eye. His larger-than-life personality is only a small part of him. There is so much more beneath the surface.

Good girls like bad boys, but that isn’t true for her. Jagger is simply a client and nothing more. Or is he? Is that half-truth as fake as the relationship they have to maintain around his friends? Or is it entirely possible that when seeking redemption, they have found something more…

Spend a couple of hot Vegas nights with Jagger and Lia to find out….



The Vegas Strip is the gateway to your wildest fantasies. Where debauchery rules and depravity runs rampant. Elusive billionaires, celebrity bad boys, tantalizing dancers, master mixologists, and sexy tattoo artists are all within reach.
During these 16 Hot Vegas Nights, you’ll take a chance on love, lose yourself in entertainment, and gamble your heart away!
Sixteen books that are all written with your pleasure in mind.
Get ready for Hot Vegas Nights!
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Shannon O’Connor & M Leigh Morhaime – All’s Fair in Love & Vegas – releasing November 28
D.M. Davis – Vegas Storm – releasing November 30
E.M. Shue – Vegas Jackpot – releasing December 1
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Kaylee Monroe
Kate Stacy

TL Mayhew

Anise Storm


Title: Perfect Always
Author: Tricia Copeland
Genre: Contemporary Romance/College Romance/Multi-cultural romance
Cover Designer: Daryl McCool, dam Cool Graphics
Publisher: true bird publishing llc
Editor: Jo Michaels, Indie Books Gone Wild
Publication Date: September 22, 2020
A girl aiming for a successful big city career. But what if her heart belongs to a small-town rancher?
Chloe dreams of leaving her tiny hometown behind and landing a job in an exhilarating metropolitan city. Toughing out her sophomore-level college business classes, she’s frustrated with the challenges of long-distance-dating her high school sweetheart, Adam. A chance encounter with Isaac, a hunky big-city-bred basketball player, leaves her confused and when Adam lays out a plan to move into his family’s ranch estate she worries her goals may be trampled underfoot.
Realizing following her passion means leaving Adam, she makes a clean break. Isaac waits in the wings and with Chloe’s growing affection for him, he wins her heart. But a school abroad program, San Francisco internship, and his drive for a professional basketball career complicate their relationship.
Can she find happiness in a big city with an on-the-rise basketball star or does her heart lie somewhere else?
Perfect Always is a standalone contemporary romance. If you like spark-filled moments and a dreamy love story, then you’ll be enchanted by Tricia Copeland’s addition to the Perfect romance series.
An avid runner and Georgia native, Tricia now lives with her family and four-legged friends in Colorado. She believes that magic infuses every aspect of our lives, whether it is the magic of falling in love, discovering a new passion, a beautiful sunset, or a book that transports us to another world. You can find all her titles from contemporary romance and fantasy, to dystopian fiction at
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Title: Butterfly Effect
Author: Laikyn Meng
Genre: Enemies to Lovers/Sports Romance
Release Date: November 21, 2022
He is begging for redemption, she is aching for revenge.
He isn’t the answer to my prayers. Even if half the student body on campus believes he is a gift from God and a Greek statue body to make matters worse.
The word enemies doesn’t deserve the delicious description for the tension between us. Make no mistake there is no love here.
Aladdin “Lad” Lorenzo, my personal curse since high school. You would think a new territory would cause disruption in the social ladder but he wears a crown on a national level.
Too bad I’m not the shy girl who gave him my virginity on graduation night.
Tragedy beat the innocence out of me. Now all that remains is a sarcastic woman seething of vengeance to claim a name of her own.
In the Water They Make Waves is an Enemies to Lovers Multicultural Sports Romance.
+18 Mature, Sexual Content. Explicit Scenes and Alcohol and Drug Use.
Trigger Warnings: Opioid addiction, death of a parent, mentions eating disorders.
*Book ends on a cliff hanger*

“I fell in love with these two and I can’t get enough of them. The ending ripped my heart out and stomped on it. I was hooked from page 1. This was so good!”- Goodreads Review

“I love you.” Make those words make this right.

“I love you!” Aly’s words are fierce as she demands me to hear them. “I’ve always loved you. Because despite all the betrayal and lies, I know it isn’t your fault, it’s mine. And maybe pity looks better on me than you. But I loved you way more than I ever knew I could. And I never want to love anyone else the way I allowed you to destroy me. How pathetic did it make me look?” Her face is in torment, and my air is choking for fresh starts.

“Don’t say that. Don’t ever say that, please.” There is evidence in my eyes, and I don’t want to release the pain yet. It is mine to be punished with.

“Okay, Lad, I think we’ve said enough.” Alyeska wipes her face and hands, but I can’t be done. She starts to walk away, and I follow her. Rush tries to stop me but it is impossible to let the woman I love more than swimming leave my life.

“It was real.” I bend my head down to the grass.

“Maybe to you, but to me, I didn’t know the difference.” Aly doesn’t look back as she walks away. I don’t blame her. I don’t blame anyone, except myself.
Laikyn Meng is a Japanese American indie author.

She has penned over thirty publications. She maintains a steady stream of romantic expression involving diverse character representation.

She is the author of noteworthy series, the female empowered; Femme Fatale, and the family drama; Mum’s the Word. The five-star phenomenon, National Parks. Her poetry and memoirs have appeared in literary magazines. Laikyn’s unique tone is an iconic symbol for her stories.

Originally from Idaho, she resides wherever the road takes her and her three children.


Title: Prey Island
Series: Prey Island Book 1
Author: Kendra Moreno
Genre: Dark Contemporary Reverse Harem
Release Date: November 18, 2022
Cover Design: Fay Lane Cover Design & Author Branding

Welcome to Prey Island. . .
Billie watches enough serial killer shows to know she’s in deep trouble when she finds herself kidnapped and shoved in a cage with dozens of other people. What she doesn’t expect is to be dropped off on a remote island, given weapons, and told to run.
The Hounds have been released and they say she’s the prey.
Now, Billie is being hunted just like everyone else on the island. Trapped with nowhere to go, she finds herself teaming up with others in order to survive. Four men set her ablaze with their touch and threaten to corrupt her every moral, each as dangerous as the Hounds who hunt them. She may not be built for Prey Island, but she won’t be going down without a fight.
This rabbit has teeth and the only way out is to
Play the Game.
Squid Games meets Predator in this thrilling WhyChoose romance. If you love K.A. Knight, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti, pick up Prey Island now!

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Kendra Moreno is secretly a spy but when she’s not dealing in secrets and espionage, you can find her writing her latest adventure. She lives in Texas where the summer days will make you melt, and southern charm comes free with every meal. She’s a recovering Road Rager (kind of) and slowly overcoming her Star Wars addiction (nope!), and she definitely didn’t pass on her addiction to her son (she did). She has one hellhound named Mayhem who got tired of guarding the Gates of Hell and now guards her home against monsters. She’s a geek, a mother, a scuba diver, a tyrannosaurus rex, and a wordsmith who sometimes switches out her pen for a sword.
If you see Kendra on the streets, don’t worry: you can distract her with talks about Kylo Ren or Loki.
#LokiLives #BringBackBenSolo

Trilogy: The Lost Trilogy
Titles: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Lose, & Lose to Win
Author: Andie Bale
Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance
Lucas “Puck” Adams
Joining a motorcycle club at twenty-one was the only logical choice at the time. I became someone I don’t recognize anymore. Someone I don’t want to be. This is not the life I thought I’d have for myself. Now, it is twelve years later, and I am given the opportunity to leave. It comes with perks, the best one of them being Emily Stewart. So, I go for it. I got nothing to lose.
Emily Stewart
I was content with my quiet life and thought my future looked bright. A short trip to Texas leads me into the arms of a man who shows me all the passion I’d been missing. He is handsome and funny, and he wants me despite all my flaws. But when a blast from my very recent past threatens our new relationship, will he stand by me?
***Warning: This book is part 1 of the Lost trilogy and it ends in a cliffhanger. It also contains emotional triggers and some violence.***

Betraying the club that once saved me was easy. Dealing with the betrayal of the woman I am in love with is bitter. I want her despite myself. She’s become the beacon of light in the dark recesses of my mind. Realizing that I may have been wrong about her is a tough pill to swallow, and it leaves me at a crossroads. No matter which way I choose, I have everything to lose.
My life is spiraling out of control. I have not only betrayed the man who’s become the love of my life, but also myself. I can’t face the consequences of my own actions, especially since I don’t understand them. I want him to believe in me, but how can I ask that of him when I don’t believe in myself?
***Warning: This book is part 2 of the Lost trilogy and it ends in a cliffhanger. It also contains emotional triggers and some violence.***

Ghosts from my past poke their ugly heads, making me question whether everything I did for the last twelve years was for nothing. I brought my demons to Emily’s door, and now I have to deliver us from evil. Losing in order to win is my only option.
They say it is always smart to think things through and not jump into anything without having all the facts. However, no one has ever accused me of being smart. When given the choice of saving the man I love, I grab it with both hands. But am I really saving him if I play right into his enemy’s hands?


Starlight Inn

Christmas at the Inn – Book 8

By Annee Jones


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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Caught in a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, Hope has no choice but spend the holiday at the Starlight Inn. Will she be touched by the magic of Christmas with a little help from a handsome stranger?


Hope Garland is at a crossroads. Nothing she does feels like it’s getting her to where she wants to be in life… It’s time for a change. Leaving everything in Dallas behind was a difficult choice, but she’ll have to make sacrifices to get the life she’s always wanted, even if that means being away from home for Christmas in order to show up on time for her new job at the prestigious firm in Chicago.


Determined to reach her destination, Hope doesn’t stop even when a snowstorm threatens. But after a near miss on the highway, she finally decides to pull over and have a coffee while she waits out the storm. But the snow doesn’t show any signs of stopping, and Hope soon realizes she has no choice but to spend the night at a nearby inn.


The Starlight Inn turns out to be the perfect place to spend Christmas Eve, and Hope is swept away in the comfort and cheer of the holiday—but can she put aside her worry over her new job and take the time to really appreciate what Christmas has to offer? Could handsome stranger Nick White, also stranded by the snowstorm, help her put things into perspective? Can she set things right before it’s too late?

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What do a grumpy sheriff and a perky midwife have in common? Absolutely nothing…other than an undeniable attraction to one another.

Sheriff Chase Calhoun is a driven man and as loyal as they come. Even though he admits to being a grumpy small-town sheriff, he loves his job and protecting the people in it. When it comes to his heart, though, he keeps a wall around it. The only people he lets in are his family members.

After putting a halt to the corruption in Missoula, things have just started to settle down, leaving him with too much time to think about his past. But then, a damsel in distress with an inexplicable, alluring personality sets her sights on him.

Atley Eastyn uprooted her ten-year-old spunky daughter and mother from Louisiana and hired on to be the new midwife in a place worlds away from the Bayou. When her Land Rover breaks down on a one-way bridge between two towns, she’s left in a position she doesn’t like. Atley has always been a self-sufficient woman, but now she finds herself in a situation where she needs help.

When the gorgeous, larger-than-life sheriff arrives to help her, she’s instantly smitten…until he opens his mouth to speak. He’s a tall, hunky cowboy with a grumpy personality, but Atley is determined to peel away all his protective layers to see the man underneath it all.

Can she get past his grumpiness? Will he open his heart and let her in? A simple, slow kiss from this alluring woman just might have him breaking all his rules.

Kiss Her Slow is the suspenseful fourth book in the Whiskey River West romantic western series. If you like gallant heroes, tender moments, and swoon-worthy steam, then you’ll love Kelly Moore’s passionate tale.

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About the Author


“This author has the magical ability to take an already strong and interesting plot and add so many unexpected twists and turns that it turns her books into a complete addiction for the reader.” Dandelion Inspired Blog

Armed with books in the crook of my elbow, I can go anywhere. That’s my philosophy! Better yet, I’ll write the books that will take me on an adventure.

My heroes are a bit broken but will make you swoon. My heroines are their own kick-ass characters armed with humor and a plethora of sarcasm.

If I’m not tucked away in my writing den, with coffee firmly gripped in hand, you can find me with a book propped on my pillow, a pit bull lying across my legs, a Lab on the floor next to me, and two kittens running amuck.

My current adventure has me living in Idaho with my own gray-bearded hero, who’s put up with my shenanigans for over thirty years, and he doesn’t mind all my book boyfriends.

If you love romance, suspense, military men, lots of action and adventure infused with emotion, tear-worthy moments, and laugh-out-loud humor, dive into my books and let the world fall away at your feet.

Author of:

Whiskey River Road Series

Whiskey River West Series

Fated Lives Series

Elite Six Series

My website has up to date information and a blog site

If you just want to chat, email me at

 ★✩★ NEW RELEASE ★✩★

Now & Then

A Silverbell Shore Novel


By Katie Rae

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Walker looks at me like I mean something to him. 

Like he wants to devour my body and claim my heart. 


But back then…


He treated me like a little sister, with just enough attention to make me think he loved me more than he should have. 


Every time we drew closer, he would run away.

And my fourteen-year-old heart couldn’t take the rollercoaster of emotions. 


Then, overnight, he disappeared completely. 

Taking any dreams of our future with him. 


It may have been nine years later.

And I may want him more than I ever have. 


But I’m not sure I can risk my heart,

For what we could have now.

When I still haven’t recovered, 

From what happened back then. 

23 sizzling romances in a brand-new world.

These are all standalones set in the small town of Silverbell Shore.


Get ready for eighteen months of epic love stories with big secrets and all the feels from Alexandra Silva, Sophie Blue, Susana Mohel, Imogen Wells, DL Gallie, Ashley Munoz, Rosie East, Katie Rae, Lexi Noir, Zoey Drake, Lou Stock, Kathleen Kelly & Maci Dillon, Laura Farr, Dani René, K.L. Humphreys, DC Renee, Lissanne Jones, Harlow Layne, India R. Adams, Tracey Jukes, and Alley Ciz.

About Katie Rae:

Katie Rae was born in Florida where she currently lives with her husband of 19 years. She is a book obsessed beach bum that loves baseball and baking shows. She loves writing and reading to escape the craziness of daily life. Follow along as more titles are set to release. And relax–reading is what keeps us sane.

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Series: Hot Vegas Nights Collaboration
Authors: C.L. Collier, Sabrina Wagner, Amanda Shelley
Genre: Steamy Protector Romance
Collection Hosted by: S.L. Sterling

A trip to Vegas to celebrate my best friend’s wedding?
Yes, please!
I’m ready for warm weather, a little gambling, an epic bachelorette party, and, of course, being a bridesmaid for one of my oldest and best friends.
What I’m not ready for is how hot her younger brother has become. The last time I saw Corey, he was a shy, scrawny kid in high school. Now, he’s neither shy nor scrawny, he’s a successful business owner, and he’s mastered the art of flirting … mainly with me!
Don’t get me wrong––I like having a good time and I’m not opposed to having a weekend fling. But this is my best friend’s brother, not a stranger I’ll never see again. Should I give into temptation, or play it cool while we’re in Vegas?


When your one-night stand is your new boss…

I wasn’t much of a gambler, but on my first night in Vegas I rolled the dice with a sexy stranger. What did I have to lose? Everyone knows what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I lived out an erotic fantasy most women only dreamed about. It was a souvenir you couldn’t buy in any gift shop. My own dirty little secret.
It was a harmless one-night affair until Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome wasn’t so anonymous anymore. He was my new boss. Outside of the bedroom he was a complete jerk and determined to see me fail. I desperately needed this job and so I pretended I didn’t know about the tattoos on his arms or the monster hiding in his pants. Professional was the name of the game, but… the man was hot as hell and dangerous as the devil himself.


My self-control was marginal at best, and beautiful women were my weakness. So, when my father threatened to fire me if I had one more office fling, I committed to keeping my libido at bay. Vegas was full of lovely ladies who didn’t work at Mystique. I wasn’t about to throw away my destiny of becoming CEO of one of the biggest hotels in Vegas.
My resolve was firm until she walked into my office. I never thought I’d see the fiery redhead again, but there she was looking all tempting and desirable in her pencil skirt and silk blouse. I knew what was hiding under those clothes and it set my blood on fire. The memory of our night together played over and over like a movie I couldn’t hit pause on. There was only one solution… she had to go.


This pitch could make or break my career.

Not only will it set a personal record for the biggest account I’ve ever landed, but it could set my newfound company three years ahead of schedule for expansion.
Thank god I’ve got Nate Bellinger on my team.
Even though I had my reservations hiring the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on – he more than meets my expectations with his hard work and determination. Together, we’ve formed a solid team and play off each other perfectly.
As we wait for the final verdict, I begrudgingly take Nate up on his offer for a night on the town. After all, this is Vegas and I need to let the chips fall where they may.
Imagine my surprise when I wake up the next morning to find we’ve not only won the campaign, but I’m apparently married to the man I’ve only ever let myself fantasize about.
The kicker of it all – he has no intentions of letting me go.
But what will it mean once we leave Vegas?