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Title: With Shield and Ink and Bone
Author: Casey L. Bond
Genre: Upper YA Historical Fantasy
Editor: Stacy Sanford/ The Girl with the Red Pen
Publication Date: Nov. 13th, 2020
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A hard-earned shield.

Days before she is to take her place as a shield maiden, like her mother before her, two deaths
alter the course of Liv’s future. One belonged to a witch who called her by
name, the other a chieftain from the north. Vengeance for the chieftain’s death
comes in a wild fury that burns her village and slaughters her family. Left for
dead, Liv pleads to Skuld – norn and weaver of the future – to spare her. A
deal is struck that will endow her with the dark magic needed to claim her
vengeance. But this power comes at an unfathomable price…


Ink made from the ashes of loved ones.


After his home is attacked, Calder races to warn neighboring villages of the threat. Little
does he know he’s traveling into the path of fate that will lead him straight
to Liv. Despite being broken, angry, and overwhelmed by power she cannot
contain, it’s her willingness to defend others that draws Calder to her.


Armor forged from the bones of those she held dear.


Together, Liv and Calder discover they are two sides of the same sharpened blade. Rising from
the heartache and fury in their pasts, they see a future together worth
fighting for. With their strengths and hearts combined, can they become a force
powerful enough to defeat the fleet of darkness coming for them? Or will the
thread of fate that binds them unravel?


Praise for With Shield and Ink and Bone:


“An exhilarating Viking-inspired fantasy, With Shield and Ink and Bone by Casey L.
Bond keeps your nerves teetering on the blade of an ax!” – Lani Forbes,
award-winning author of the Age of the Seventh Sun series


“With Shield and Ink and Bone is a fast-paced, vivid, and mesmerizing tale that will keep
you hooked from beginning to end. If you love Vikings or strong heroines you’ll
find lots to enjoy here! Casey L. Bond has woven together unexpected twists,
high stakes, romance, and bargains with gods to create this original story for
readers.” -Victoria McCombs, author of The Storyteller’s Daughter


Casey L. Bond has managed to take a classic genre and make it new and fresh. A page
turner that kept me staying up late just to know what was going to happen next.
Excellent writing, excellent story. Well done!” – Quinn Loftis, USA Today
bestselling author of the Grey Wolves series and The Viking’s Chosen
excellent story. Well done!” – Quinn Loftis, USA Today bestselling author of
The Grey Wolves series and The Viking’s Chosen


Casey Bond lives in West Virginia with her husband and their two beautiful daughters.
She likes goats and yoga, but hasn’t tried goat yoga because the family goat is
so big he might break her back. Seriously, he’s the size of a pony. Her
favorite books are the ones that contain magical worlds and flawed characters
she would want to hang out with. Most days of the week, she writes young adult
fantasy books, letting her imaginary friends spill onto the blank page.


Casey is the award-winning author of When Wishes Bleed, the Frenzy series, and fairy
tale retellings such as Riches to Rags, Savage Beauty, Unlocked and Brutal
Curse. Learn more about her work at

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“Words hold power,” she finally said, taking up a long, wooden staff and walking toward me,
closing the distance between us. I realized it was her wand, not a staff. The
tip looked woven, like strands in a basket, but even as they bowed from the
staff itself, they rejoined to make a fine tip. They said witches could use
their wands to spin the fates of lesser men.

I wasn’t lesser. My eyes narrowed at her closeness.

“Few realize that,” she continued, undeterred. “They waste what little power they have by wagging
their tongues too much.” She smiled as she approached, stopping only when the
bottom of her crimson skirts brushed the tops of my boots. “But not you. You
observe first and speak only when it’s necessary. Even when your mother doesn’t
warn you beforehand.”

I swallowed thickly as she lifted a hand and let her thumb ghost down the lumps and bumps
of my braid, pausing over the iron serpent coiled around it. She took in my
shield. “I need you to come with me now, Liv.” She turned her back to me and
began walking away from the shore.

“How do you know my name?” I asked, refusing to follow her retreating form as she walked
toward the wood.

She turned with a knowing smile on her lips. “Because someone very important has a message for

She continued her trek, using her wand to help her up the slope, weaving herself into the
oaks and pines as if she was a scarlet thread in the forest’s vast tapestry.

My feet followed her.

The coppery scent of blood filled the air and we entered the spot where the animals had
been slain. They hung from thick branches in the trees above us, their blood
leaking into pots and jugs, buckets and bowls. “We must sit amongst them,” she
said, laying down her wand. She gathered her fine gown and sat on the forest
floor. “On Winternights especially, there is more power in the dead than in the

Hodor had stood there earlier. He split his rope to hang each of the animals we brought to
later smoke and preserve. 

I recognized each of them. The scrawny lamb that was born too late in the year and wouldn’t
survive the cold, the goat with the lame hoof, the runty piglet who was born
months ago, but wouldn’t grow despite the amount of food she ate.

Now they were dead, hanging limply from branches, and the witch wanted me to sit with her
beneath them, surrounded by captured puddles of their blood.

Silently, she stared at me and waited for me to comply with her request. I slowly walked
forward, the wind stirring the strands of hair escaping my braids as I stepped
beneath the animals. The moment my backside touched the forest floor, a strange
energy washed through the air.

The dead animals hanging above us began to writhe. The lamb let out a pitiful bleat and
the pig weakly grunted. The cocks flapped their wings and flew in circles. Blood
droplets landed on us. I ducked and shielded my head with my arms, looking to
the witch as goosebumps erupted over my skin.

She sat calmly, completely unaffected. Her cool, brown eyes were fixed on me.

The animals went still again as a gust of wind tore their spirits away once more. My heart
fluttered as I watched them rock back and forth, the ropes that held their
weight creaking on the rough limbs until they finally went still.


Splat. Splat.

More droplets of blood splashed into the containers beneath them, wrung out by spirit and

A slow smile spread over the völva’s berry-stained lips. “There is power in blood and bone,”
the witch offered.

Power in words.

Power in blood and bone.

Power in the slain.

For me, Winternights had always been a raucous mixture of celebration and
spine-tingling fear. The dead walked the earth and joined us as we bade
farewell to summer and greeted the frigid winter, bade farewell to the earth’s
life and let death claim it again, as it had claimed our kinsmen. We were
nearer to them on this night, for they dwelt in the coldness of death now after
their walks in the sun, among the living.

“Why did you ask for me?”

“I told you.Someone has a message for you.”

She untied a small pouch from the belt at her waist and withdrew a wad of leaves, placing
them in her mouth and chewing them. She rolled her neck. Her silken hair fell
over her shoulders as she rocked forward and back, forward and back. Her
movements, once smooth, became jerky and erratic. Her breathing became labored.
She wrung her hands. Her legs fidgeted.

A burning smell filled the air. Not one of oak chips or firewood, but one that smelled of
sizzling flesh.

I scooted away from her.

Her hand clamped onto my ankle. “No!” she snapped. “Do not retreat. She is near.”

I looked over my shoulders, all around the shadowy wood. If someone was close, I couldn’t
sense her. No branches snapped. No leaves rustled.

She removed another small bundle of herbs from her pouch and offered it to me. “Chew.”

I shook my head when she insistently pushed it toward me. I didn’t take it from her. “It is the
gateway to the weavers… to the norns.”

Blood whooshed through my head, through my ears. “The norns?” I asked breathlessly. The
weavers called for me? By name?

“Skuld wishes to speak with you. This is the only way.”

The witch dipped her fingernails into a pot of lamb’s blood and flicked it toward my
face. Small droplets sprayed my skin.

She shoved the wad of blood-soaked leaves into my hand. My clammy palm wrapped around them,
then unfurled. It wasn’t wise to eat certain plants. Some would cause visions,
but some… some killed. And völva often sacrificed humans to the norns and to
the gods. 

They would drug them, and when they did not know their head from their feet, the witches would
tear the heart from their chest and hold it, still beating, in their hands,
calling out to the gods to show what they’d done for them.

“I won’t eat it.”

 “But, Skuld—” The witch’s voice cut off. Her breath hitched, then a squeak escaped her throat. My mother stood behind her,
the tip of her knife biting into the woman’s skin, her knee in the witch’s

The runes began to writhe on her forehead, cheeks, and throat as she called upon her magic, but
my mother didn’t care. She held her blade tightly and refused to relent.

What is she doing? The witch will kill us both! Or Skuld may decide to clip the threads of
our lives for refusing her… I leapt to my feet.

“I believe she declined your request,” Mother gritted.

The völva’s dark eyes locked on mine. “You are making a mistake. You’ve seen the first sign
of what is to come.”






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Addictive by K E Osborn is coming October 26th and we have the BEAUTIFUL cover to share with you today!

Addictive eBook (1)

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My past was destructive.

It haunts my dreams.
The moment I embraced my addiction, I knew my life would change dramatically.

As the VP of the Houston Defiance MC, my job is to stand tall. Contain the demons clawing from the inside, begging to escape from within. But when I embrace my bloodlust, nothing can tame my wrath.

Zero took me in as part of his family – a bond unbreakable.
I should care about the no-touch rules.
And the fact they are in place on his sister.

But the draw to Prinie is addictive, destructive, exhilarating.
And I am all too aware that I’m dangerous.
She needs to see that too.

Her brother loathes the idea of us. Honestly, I put up a fight too.
But maybe fighting my addiction to her is impossible?
When chaos strikes the club, we’ll turn to each other.
But chaos can just as easily rip us both to shreds.

From International Bestselling Author KE Osborn comes the second book in the Houston Defiance MC Series.

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Start the series now with Book One, Explosive!

Meet K E


With a flair for all things creative, International Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.

K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn’t love a good binge?

Turn lust into love at

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🔥RELEASE DATE: 26th Nov 2020

🔥Genre: An angsty, lifelong friends/friends with benefits, second-chance romance.

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First love. Countless mistakes. One final chance.
Kimmie: I loved Mickey long before I knew how much it could hurt. We thought we belonged together. Fated even. But fate wouldn’t put us through this. Even it wasn’t that cruel. We loved, and then we lost. Lost everything, including ourselves, and now I’m forced to confront our biggest downfall of all. I have to, for both our babies.
Mickey: Kimmie was my salvation for so long. So long until she became my greatest regret. We were explosive to a fault, and one day, one damning day, it blew us all back to hell. And now she’s in the arms of another man.
They shouldn’t want each other back. They shouldn’t dream about what could have been. Then again fate rarely hands out second chances. Chances to right the wrongs. Chances to fuse their aching, broken, and wayward hearts back together.

BINGE SALE/FREEBIE on books 1-4 of the North Shore Crew.

1 💛 Ride For Me – a push/pull, frenemies to lovers, second-chance romance. 2 ❤️ Break For Me (FREE!) – an insta-love, friends to lovers, romantic suspense. 3 💙 Lie For Me – a one-night-stand come workplace romance. 4 💚 Fight For Me – a gut-wrenching, military romantic suspense.





Title: Unravelling
Series: Marked For Love #4
Author: Kiera Jayne
Image by CJC Photography
Models: Gideon Connelly & Sam Ashley





Unravelling is a beautifully broken love story between two completely opposite people.

Life’s a breeze for Claire Marks.

Or, at least, it should be.

She comes from a successful, tight-knit and well-to-do family, is pursuing a career in publishing and has the attention of a handsome man. Her life is every woman’s dream. She should be enjoying it. Instead her mind wages war with her emotions everyday, leaving her feeling troubled and confused.

Ryan Banks is confident and easygoing, rarely letting things bother him. His relaxed personality is put to the test with Claire, whose moods he can never predict. But beneath her unsettled surface, he sees more—A beautiful, intelligent, big-hearted and sensual woman who’s daily struggles do not define her; a woman he wants in his life more than anything else.

When he discovers the true reason for Claire’s behaviour, he’s determined to help her shine. Ryan believes Claire is worth the challenges.

Can they hold onto one another through the ups and downs? Can they truly learn to love unconditionally?

Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+ and over. This book contains scenes that may concern some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Ryan stepped towards her. It was a careful, measured step, as though he didn’t want to overstep his mark again. “I’m sorry about today. I promise I won’t treat you like a damsel in distress again.”
Claire attempted to swallow the lump in her throat. “Good. T-that’s good, then.”
The faintest of smiles played across Ryan’s face. He stroked the back of his fingers down the fair skin of Claire’s cheek. His breath brushed her skin as he brought his face close to hers before he kissed her.
He set her on fire as his tongue teased hers and coaxed it into his mouth. He tasted like a decadent dish, a temptation that one couldn’t get enough of. This kiss was opening a floodgate Claire feared she would never be able to close.



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Title: The
Righteous Man (Nine Kingdoms, Book 5)
Author: Ann
Genre: Epic
Cover Designer:
Lori Pryzbranowski of Hell Yes Designs
Date: October 31
st, 2020
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR


Treachery can lie in the heart of any man, from our worst enemy to our
most beloved friend. Some choose to ignore it, while others work on defeating
it no matter the cost—and the cost is always high. However, the Righteous Man
believes he can alter the course of his life to one of redemption and justice
instead of servitude and pain by using deceit and sedition.


But, he would be wrong.


For Honora, it’s something she’s seen in her previous life as the Shadows
in the form of Macarius, Dolos, and Dermont. Now it takes the shape of someone
she trusts… someone she loves. The betrayal awaiting her is like no other.


For the Righteous Man deceives all… none more than himself.


I’ve always
loved to write ever since I was young. I would picture myself as the main
character so I could go on adventures. They began as daydreams, which I
eventually put down onto paper. Throughout the years I would write whenever I
got the chance no matter how small the manuscript turned out to be. I’d tried
the traditional method of sending out query letters to agents, but they would
respond with a “thanks, but no thanks” note. I felt discouraged, but kept
writing. I had a lot of encouragement from my mom, my Aunt Jeanne, my daughter,
and my husband. Having the support helped keep me chasing my dream. A few years
ago, I decided to buckle down and get serious about my writing. After some
research and speaking with a friend of my husband, I took the plunge into
self-publishing. I found an editor and a cover designer along with other indie
authors on Facebook. I’ve joined groups and asked advice from writers who have
already been through the steps it takes to get out there. It took me four years
and three versions before I published my first book titled Wasteland. From
there, I’ve completed several series and stand-alones with quite a few more in
progress, so watch for their release.


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Unleashing the

Beware the

The Loss of






Sinful Secrets by H.J. Marshall
Available for Pre-Order!
Series: Amatory; Book 4
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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There’s always one secret that you keep to yourself. A moment you treasure that gets you through the hard times or a shameful regret that you want to forget. What happens when that secret finds you when you’re at your most vulnerable? 
Reconnect with your favorite SIN, exploring their lives and hidden secrets as they move past the stage at Amatory. Discover what happens when the secrets they kept buried reveal themselves, finally breaking down the last emotional wall, allowing for their passion to rise.
Explore your most hedonistic desires and experience SIN’s final curtain call at Amatory. Indulge in one last Seductive, Indecent, Neglected, and Sinful moment.
Welcome to Amatory.
Who’s your favorite SIN?


Title: Unsought
Author: Daphne
Genre: paranormal
romance, slow burn slow build reverse harem
Cover Designer:
S M Savoy
Publisher: Vaughn
Publishing LLC
Date: October 21
st, 2020
Hosted by: Lady
Amber’s PR

Arrogant Elves. Aloof Peri.
Unpredictable Merfolk.

An unlikely heroine who must master
her visions.

As if being middle-aged and plagued by hallucinations since early
childhood wasn’t hard enough, Vivian Rivera learns she’s actually the reincarnation
of someone who wasn’t human at all. Her life spirals into a terrifying flight
from Goblins, and worse, when she discovers her spiritual heritage and the
enemy that pursues her beyond death.

Viv was the Queen of Chaos’ most powerful seer and favorite daughter in a
previous life. Now visions invade her dreams, all pressing her to reveal the
location of the Keys and begin the Reckoning.

Someone is killing the few remaining seers. Can Viv risk calling
attention to herself to help open the gate and allow the Queen of Night and the
King of Light to walk our world?

And to top everything else off Viv’s aunt…Fate… is matchmaking!



Daphne Moore
has been a storyteller from her preliterate days. She writes them down now for those out of earshot.

She lives in
Ohio, in a small suburb, raising roses and children. She’s an aunt to a bunch
of humans and two cute dogs.

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Title: Deepest Scars – Strongest Hearts
Author: Tricia Copeland
Genre: Clean New Adult Romance
Cover Designer: Dark Unicorn Designs
Editor: Tia Silverthorne Bach, Indie Books Gone Wild
Proofreader: Jennifer Oberth, Indie Books Gone Wild
Interior Formatting: Jo Michaels, Indie Books Gone Wild
Publisher: true bird publishing llc
Publication Date: Nov. 12th, 2020
Love Heals..
He landed his dream job and is ready for a fresh start. But is he destined to fall for someone who can’t commit to him…
Zack Walters spent too much time pining for a girl who chose his best friend. He’s put all that behind him and is ready to find someone who makes him happy. An Irish redhead with a quick tongue and fiery confidence catches his eye. When they end up on a camping trip together, he seizes the opportunity to get to know her. He’s drawn to her down to earth nature and chances an invitation to a first date. Their idyllic evening leads to a second, third, and sparks fly. When her father shows up unannounced, Zack learns she’s been keeping secrets.
With his track record of falling for unavailable women, Zack wants to bolt. But what if she is the one? Shouldn’t he give her a second chance? Deciding she may be worth the risk, he allows her to explain and learns of her tragic past.
Can Zack trust his heart with a girl whose own is mending?
Deepest Scars-Strongest is a clean new adult novel. If you like believable characters, raw emotion, and tender moments, then you’ll love Tricia Copeland’s touching love story.
Buy Deepest Scars- Strongest Hearts to see if love can overcome all!
An avid runner and Georgia native, Tricia now lives with her family and four-legged friends in Colorado. She believes that magic infuses every aspect of our lives, whether it is the magic of falling in love, discovering a new passion, a beautiful sunset, or a book that transports us to another world. You can find all her titles from contemporary romance and fantasy, to dystopian fiction at
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Title: Queen of Midnight
Author: L.L. Hunter 
Genre: YA Fantasy
Cover Designer: Stephanie Sew of Sevenstar Book Covers
Publication Date: November 30th, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR
At the Midnight Ball, your fate is in your hands…
Since learning the truth of her lineage, and battling not only her own demons, but actual demons, Grace must face one more challenge.
To find out who her birth father is, Grace must unite all the worlds.
But history will be rewritten before she can rally an alliance.
How can she show them she is fit to be queen, when she doesn’t believe she can be queen herself?
In the final epic instalment of the Midnight Ball series,
Grace Chancellor must journey not only within herself, but to the ends of the earth in order to restore peace throughout the kingdoms.
The fate of the worlds rests on the shoulders of one young queen.
Can she become the queen prophecy foretold?
Or remain only a girl with magic in her blood?
L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens – everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog –
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Once Upon A Kiss by Carina Rose
Available for Pre-Order!
Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance
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When Lacey Winters escapes her stressful New York City life for a relaxing winter vacation in the Caribbean, she’s ready to get some sun and enjoy a little time to herself. But her plans for peace and tranquility are shattered when she finds that her ex-boyfriend is already at the same resort – and with the same woman Lacey found him cheating with. 
Reeling from the shock and determined to prove she’s moved on, Lacey impulsively kisses a handsome stranger she spotted on the beach and does it in front of her ex.
As for the stranger in question, Drew Mitchell was just looking for a fun getaway from his busy life in Chicago. He’s surprised, but pleased at this unexpected turn of events and agrees to pose as Lacey’s new boyfriend.
As they explore their tropical surroundings as a couple, Drew finds himself drawn toward Lacey. Now, all he has to do is convince her their romance is real and strong enough to flourish once their vacation is over, while Lacey must decide if she’s ready to take the leap and fall in love.