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The Santa Claus


Genre: MM

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On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me…a Santa Claus.

It’s the holidays. A time Deacon Brady spends with his family in New York City during the most wonderful time of the year.

This year, things are different for the former Hollywood Soap Opera star and A-Lister. Now, Deacon Brady is unemployed, and at the brink of losing everything due to the Global Financial Crisis.

All he wants to do is enjoy the holidays, be with Brodie, and try to get his life back on track. That quickly changes however, when he meets the attractive and mysterious stranger known as Kris…Kris Kringle that is.

With news from Brodie that will change Deacon’s life forever, can he find happiness with Kris for the holidays?

The Santa Claus is told through the eyes of multiple character points of view who appear in the Men of the World Series. The main character, Deacon Brady, his sister Kate, Brodie, his boyfriend, the mysterious and gorgeous looking Kris, and producer of Tainted Love, Dante. It serves as a prequel to the Men of the World series and ties into the events of the first book.

Merry Christmas.

About J.O. Mantel:

J.O Mantel was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, J.O loved reading and his favourite authors included, Roald Dahl, Robin Klein, and Morris Gleitzman. Always an avid reader as a child, J.O had a vivid imagination, like most children. It wasn’t until 2016, that he realised his love for creative writing, and released his first novel, First Crush in the Dark Falkon Series that same year. In January 2020, he began his first MM book, The Australian, part of the Men Of The World Series. When J.O isn’t hidden behind his laptop or iPad, he works in a busy retail environment of Customer Service and management. J.O lives a quiet life on a rural property in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.

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Yule Be Mine

Book 3 in the New Zealand Sailing Series

By Trinity Wood


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Also Available in the Series:

Learning to Love – Book 1:

Hidden Deep – Book 2:


It starts with a drink and a game of mini-golf and ends with a one-night stand.

Or so they think.

Mel dreams of being an art therapist, but an overbearing family and an absent father hold her back. Until she meets Travis. Tall, blonde, and handsome, he’s irresistible. He’s everything she’s not looking for, but everything she needs.

Travis made a mistake, and now he’s paying for it. His chance at qualifying for the Olympic sailing team is about to slip through his fingers if he doesn’t find a new partner soon.

But when Travis breaks Mel’s trust, he risks not only losing his shot at the Olympics but the woman who’s stolen his heart.

Sometimes, not even Christmas is enough to bring a miracle.

About Trinity Wood:

Trinity writes contemporary romance set in New Zealand. Because she can’t get enough of book boyfriends, she created some of her own. Get ready to meet Sam, Corey, Jay, Tai, Luke, Mike, Travis, and many more, but please form an orderly line. Behind Trinity.

A self-professed good-time nerd, Trinity’s never far away from one of her trusty Pokemon coffee mugs. Trinity also swears that Margaritas can cure colds.

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Genre/Tropes: Steamy Contemporary Romance set in New Zealand | Christmas | Holiday Romance | Big Greek Family | Sports Romance | Grumpy/Sunshine | Second Chance

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Crowns of Chaos MC –

Book 2 Part of the Perfectly Stated Series By JA Lafrance


Gas Station, Biker Club and a gorgeous man with blue eyes.

Everything that Ryanne wasn’t expecting coming off the worst birthday surprise of her life.

What she didn’t need to see is the impromptu live porn going on in front of her, especially since she hadn’t gotten any in years.

Then she looked behind her, and saw him.

Roy “Rough” Metcalf, enforcer for the Crowns of Chaos MC and a man of few words.

He has always been the one hurt in any relationship, so he doesn’t even bother trying, until he lays eyes on her.

Ryanne, just wants to sulk in peace.

Until her peace becomes public knowledge, and she starts being stalked by an ex-lover, someone who isn’t afraid to humiliate Ryanne, by any means necessary.

The Crowns of Chaos MC promised her they would protect her, but will Rough take it one step further?

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About the Author:

JA resides in Northern Ontario Canada but is originally from the Capital of Ontario.

She is a married to her loving husband and has three beautiful children.

When she is not locked in her writing cave she works with the board of education as a supply Educational Assistant.

She loves watching hockey and Soccer and enjoys talking to the many people she has made friends with.

She enjoys a good joke and can usually be seen with a smile on her face and a joke on her lips.

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Book 1 in the Devil’s Soldiers MC series

Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Cover Designer: Haelah Rice Covers

Edited by: Leah Francic

This story has it all! ✔️Enemies to Lovers ✔️The Russian Mafia ✔️Forced Roommates ✔️Hilarious situations that will have you laughing out loud ✔️A hot MMC that has no problem teaching her a lesson when she disobeys.😈 ✔️Scenes that will melt your kindle. 



How does this stuff keep happening to me?

First it was my cheating ex and the—uhhhh—“accident” that had everyone in town calling me crazy.

Now, I’ve moved to a completely different state, and what have I done? I dropped right into another problem.

This time though, it’s not a cheating ex, it’s the Russian Mob.

To make matters worse, I now have to live with the son of my landlords, who are part of the Devil’s Soldiers MC, who is a smart-mouthed, arrogant, jerk.

I don’t care how hot he is, I’m not about to make his life easy.

Except, the chemistry between us is out of this world, and now he’s the only one that seems to be able to save me from the mob that’s hot on my tail.


She is the most irritating woman I’ve ever met.

How the hell have I gotten wrapped up in being her bodyguard/roommate?

I mean, we can barely stand each other, she’s crazy, and now I have to be around her twenty-four/seven.

I’m talking worse than my mother crazy.

Do we have chemistry?

Oh yeah, but I don’t have time for that brand of insanity.

The Russian Mob is after her for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and I need to keep her safe.

So why am I constantly allowing myself to think about her in all the ways I shouldn’t?

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About the Author:

I live in New Brunswick, Canada with my husband and our two dogs, Remi and Sako (pronounced Say-co).

When I’m not writing, I’m playing fetch with the dogs, talking to my parents for endless amounts of hours, annoying the crap out of my husband, or just enjoying life with my friends.

Writing has been a part of my life since I was about 12.

I started out just writing short stories or silly knock-offs of my favorite shows or movies.

Soon, though, I realized just how much I loved to write.

How often my mind would wander and think of characters and where they could go.

They became real to me, and I would start to write.

I used to fill up notebooks and pads of paper when I got an idea.

It would be an obsession, almost, to get on paper.

Then, when I was old enough to have a computer, I started there.

Now, I’m 28 years old and I finally hit that button.

The one that I’ve thought about it over and over again for the past 16 years.

There is no greater joy, or fear, at realizing you’ve just accomplished something that you’ve wanted to do for so very long.

That is my greatest accomplishment and I look forward to hitting that button on many more.

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Rode Hard

By Olivia Ellen Turner

Genre: MM Romance

Tropes: Gay Romance | LGBT Romance |Outback Australia Romance | Cowboy Romance

Second Chance Romance

Susan Horsnell - Rode Hard - Front






Available on Kindle Unlimited

Also available in Paperback:

Rode Hard


Kyle is a sexy, level-headed cowboy who’s keeping a secret from those he loves most.

Luke is a police officer and he’s also keeping a secret.

After fifteen years apart, these two men are set to meet again, but all is not as it seems.

Crossed wires, and a misunderstanding has Luke running away, but Kyle has no intention of waiting another fifteen years for the man of his dreams.

Will these once casual acquaintances become lovers?

Why are the people Kyle cares about keeping secrets?

Previously published as Secrets? by Susan Horsnell. Rewritten and 5,000 words added.

Rode Hard Teaser

About Olivia Turner:

Olivia writes LGBTQ+ inclusive romance.

Home is the sunny state of Queensland, Australia where she lives with her husband and fur baby.

I hope you enjoy discovering this branch of my writing. All stories previously published by my alter ego – Susan Horsnell, have been re-edited and rewritten to add scenes.

Over the next few months more books will be added.

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The Prequel

Book 1: The Phoenix Force Series

By Susan Horsnell

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Release Date: January 28, 2022

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This Special Ops Force Series has one big difference…

The members are ALL kickass females.

They each have a reason to seek vengeance.

They will cut through the frustration of red tape.

Together, they will deal out justice for the victims and find it for themselves.

Together, they are…


Book 1 – The Prequel – Susan Horsnell

Claire Marshall is fed up with red tape that allows murderers and terrorists to roam free.

After a mission in Ailinia leaves her thirsty for revenge and a team of her own, Claire returns stateside and begins searching.

The Prequel introduces each member of the team as she is recruited

Each team character will have their own book:

Payback Phoenix Style – Claire Team leader – Susan Horsnell Release date 18 Feb 2022

Hidden Bombs – Lilliana Rose – Mae Release date 18 March 2022

Kelly’s Justice – Suzi Love – Kelly Release date 8 April 2022

Free Rein – D’Ann Lindun – Nevada Release date 29 April 2022

Bad Blood – Gemma Arlington – Daisy Release date 20 May 2022

Black Mass – Aleisha Maree – Mac Release date 10 June 2022

Rise Up – Rebecca Barber – Jade Release date 1 July 2022

Hellfire – Vi Summers – Helga Release date 22 July 2022

Phantom Warrior – J.O Mantel – Lexa Release date 12 August 2022

Endless Regrets – K.S. Freyson & Kinley Crain – Tiffany Release date 2 September 2022

Freya’s Revenge – JA Lafrance – Jackie Release date 23 September 2022


Bad Girls Break Hearts

By Susan R. Horsnell

Cover Designer: Shower of Schmidt Designs

Release Date: December 3

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


My life in a nutshell…

I felt like I was holding a f***ing bingo card and wondered what would be thrown at me next.

Drug addict mother killed. Check.

Foster family slave. Check.

Adoptive father killed. Check.

Evil uncle. Check.

Beatings. Check.

First man who loved me killed. Check.

Prison. Check.

Unexpected pregnancy. Check.

B.I.N.G.O. For f*** sake!

About Susan R. Horsnell:

Susan R. Horsnell writes steamy romance from mild to hot.

Strong social themes are a feature in her books.

She grew up in Manly, NSW, Australia and has travelled Australia and the World on postings with her Naval Officer husband of 47 years.

She lives with her husband, and fur baby – Gemma-Jean, a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, in a small village in the mountains in Queensland, Australia.

Since retiring a nursing career of 37 years, she has bene able to indulge her passion for writing.

The family enjoys travelling the country with their RV when not at home renovating.

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By DL Gallie


Genre: Rom Com | Enemies to Lovers

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One sassy woman—Reese Turner

One stubborn man—Jesse Thornton

A Christmas baking competition


1. Throw woman and man together

2. Combine with teasing and taunting

3. Simmer with sexual chemistry

4. Add alcohol to loosen the lips

5. Mix and see what happens

About DL Gallie:

DL Gallie is from Queensland, Australia, but she’s lived in many different places all over the world. She currently resides in Gladstone with her husband and two kids. She and her husband have been together since she was sixteen, and although they drive each other crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again. With encouragement from her husband, she picked up the pen and started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.

DL enjoys listening to music, drinking white wine in the summer, red wine in the winter, and beer all year round. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita.

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A Man For The Holidays


Genre: MM

Cover Designer: Dana @Designs by Dana

Release Date: December 20

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Spencer always regarded himself as a hopeless romantic. A boring, pathetic loser who gave up on dating and finding love for the holidays. For the past ten years, it’s just been him and his best friend, Paige.

Aside from the ‘loser’ status, Spencer also has an obsession. An obsession that would seem crazy, stupid, and even idiotic to everyone else, you know, all the ‘normal’ people. For Spencer though, this obsession is anything but normal, and he knows it.

Day after day he spends his time in a men’s clothing store, obsessing over Quinn. Quinn is a handsome, mysterious, and spectacular creation who Spencer knows absolutely nothing about, but finds himself extremely attracted to the guy.

There’s just one problem––Quinn is a mannequin.

All Spencer wants is a man. Someone to be with, shop with, sleep with, fall in love with, even if it’s just for the holidays. All he wants … is Quinn.

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was to find Quinn, the mannequin he’s been obsessing over, standing at his front door at midnight, two weeks before Christmas … as a real-life human being.

Is Quinn staying just for the holidays? Or will he and Spencer find their Happily Ever After that will last an eternity?

About J.O. Mantel:

J.O Mantel was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, J.O loved reading and his favourite authors included, Roald Dahl, Robin Klein, and Morris Gleitzman. Always an avid reader as a child, J.O had a vivid imagination, like most children. It wasn’t until 2016, that he realised his love for creative writing, and released his first novel, First Crush in the Dark Falkon Series that same year. In January 2020, he began his first MM book, The Australian, part of the Men Of The World Series. When J.O isn’t hidden behind his laptop or iPad, he works in a busy retail environment of Customer Service and management. J.O lives a quiet life on a rural property in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.

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The Santa Claus


Dark Falkon: The Boxed Set


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Men Of The World (8 book series)

Book 1 The Australian

Book 2 The Frenchman

Book 3 The Italian

Book 4 The Englishman

Book 5 The Scotsman

Book 6 The Grecian

Book 7 The Macedonian

Book 8 The Austrian

The Santa Claus (Men Of The World)

Dark Falcon Series – Books 1-3

Book 1 First Crush

Book 2 Second Best

Book 3 Third Act




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