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Title: Crow

Series: Devil’s Murder MC #1
Author: Nikki Landis
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 24, 2022

From USA Today bestselling author Nikki Landis comes a new standalone MC romance and the first book in the Devil’s Murder MC series.
Crow, son of the former president of the Devil’s Murder MC, is determined to avenge his father’s death and repair the broken club left behind. Bad blood, bitter memories, and a territory feud decades in the making threaten to tear apart everything his father built. He might have left town to escape his past, but now there’s no choice. He’s determined to return and take his place among his brothers, even if they don’t want his leadership.
He didn’t forget what it means to live by the cut. The brotherhood is all he knows. It’s all he cares about since learning of his father’s murder: that and revenge.
Crow has a hell of a lot to prove, and it can’t come at a worse time. Stopping at a bar on the way back to reclaim his position in the club, he encounters a pretty petite redhead in a whole heap of trouble. His protective instincts kick in, and now he’s got more problems than he can handle.
Crow can’t resist helping out a woman in need, but this spitfire is way more trouble than he anticipates. Bella’s searching for her missing sister and desperate for help, even if that means bargaining with a dangerous biker. For reasons Crow can’t quite figure out, she makes him feel like a goddamn hero, like a man who can live inside the law instead of out of it.
Now there’s a rival club on their heels and innocent lives on the line. Taking her back to the clubhouse for protection sparks a whole shitstorm Crow doesn’t need. Bella insists he’s the only hope for finding her sister, and time is running out.
Nobody messes with this feisty redhead. And nobody threatens the Devil’s Murder because the club protects their own. Whatever the cost. There’s a reason the club is called a murder, and their bikes ride on the dark wings of circling crows. It’s an omen of impending death. No enemy can outrun the Devil’s Murder.
CROW is a full-length, standalone bad boy romance. You’ll love this heart-pounding first book in the Devil’s Murder MC featuring take-charge bikers who adore and fiercely protect their women. CROW has no cheating, no cliffhanger, plenty of heat, and a guaranteed HEA along with a slight paranormal twist.

Nikki Landis is the USA Today & International Bestselling, Multi-Award-Winning Author of over 50 romance novels in the MC, reverse harem, paranormal, dystopian, and science fiction genres. Her books feature deadly reapers, dark alpha heroes, protective shifters, and seductive vampires along with the feisty, independent women they love. There’s heart-throbbing action on every page as well as fated mates and soul bonds deep enough to fulfill every desire.

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 Release Date: July 14


Phoenix Rising is darker, edgy MC and quite sexy!! A story with multiple players that all have secret agendas!! Not your typical romance. 

This is a ride like no other, the sexual intensity scorches the pages and keeps you wanting more!

Charlie “Phoenix” Picard lost her father in a motorcycle accident when she was just eight. The psychological impact from that event left her unable to speak. Raised by her uncle, her life has been one boarding school after another.

After returning home, she stumbles onto information that could drag her uncle into a club war. Her only option is to get in good with the local Road Devils MC. Luck seems to be on her side when she’s mistaken for a guy by the clubs Sgt. at arms.

Between clubhouse parties and her own personal exploits Phoenix is burning the candle at both ends and she’s running out of time.

Now, her loyalty to Ash has her in too deep to get out, but all that’s about to change when she saves his life risking her own.

Something hadn’t set right with Ash since meeting Nix. Now, he knows why. With his a** on the line he needs to get rid of her if he’s to keep them from both being killed.

But can he let her have the freedom to live a different life…

A life without him…

A life away from the club?

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Meet Roux Cantrell


Roux Cantrell resides in Hammond LA a cozy college town with her husband. Juggling a full time job as a stylist, a growing family, Roux manages to throw some pretty outlandish Halloween parties where the attendees must adorn a costume to gain entrance and she even manages one motorcycle trip on her Harley once a year. 

Her love of books started when she was very young and has never wavered. Years past she didn’t have the time to write with a growing family, now with the kids grown and out of the house she writes her own adventures.


To learn more about Roux Cantrell, visit here!
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Title: Wreckage of Us

Series: Wrecked Series #4
Author: Andie Bale
Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC
Release Date: June 2, 2022


“Wow, just Wow!!! What a fantastic ending for an epic series!!!” ~★★★★★ Review

“What a way to end a series… Andie Bale needs to get an award for this series…WHAT A RIDE SHE TOOK US ON!!” ~★★★★★ Review

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And they include having to grovel to Becca, beg her to forgive me. Again. This time around, the stakes are higher than ever before. I am in danger. The woman I love and our unborn baby are in danger. If bulldozing my way back into her life is the only way to protect us all, then that’s what will need to happen, consequences be damned.
Taking Dylan back is not an option. I have so much more to lose this time around, and I can’t continue playing by his rules. When he forces his way into my heart and my house, I cautiously accept it. We are in danger and he swears that he will keep us all safe, but evil is lurking, and his promises may not be enough.
***WARNING*** This book is Part Four, and the grand finale to the Wrecked series. In order for this book to be enjoyed, the three parts before it need to be read in order.

Andie Bale lives in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), Michigan, with her husband, daughter and awesome four-legged baby. Her love of reading started at a young age when sneaking her mother’s romance books to read was the highlight of her day. Now, I am beyond grateful and excited to be able to bring the characters in her head to life.

Title: Gamble’s Risk
Series: Riot MC Biloxi Series
Author: Karen Renee
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 28, 2022
Cover Design: Karen Renee
Photographer: Golden Czermak @FuriousFotog
Cover Model: Brandon Schlaegel
Gamble clings to two things: the Riot MC brotherhood and a grudge against his sister’s attacker. When his grudge brings danger to an innocent woman, it sends him into a tailspin. Dumping a woman at the clubhouse —as a message for Gamble— enrages the Riot MC brothers, but Gamble risks his life in order to mete out vengeance.
Victoria’s recovery is slow and arduous. He’s determined to help her heal and move on.
After tragedy strikes, the last place Victoria expects to be is in Gamble’s room. She doesn’t want him to see her broken. She definitely doesn’t want his help to recover. He won’t have the patience for a woman whose spirit is shattered. Proving her wrong, Gamble refuses to leave her alone. The more he builds her trust, the more she battles her growing desire for him.
As a public defender, Victoria knows she should stay far away from the outlaw biker. But, the blue-eyed outlaw with a sexy Southern drawl argues with her like he’s opposing counsel. They cannot fight their overwhelming attraction. Their relationship grows and changes until they realize they need the same things.
And each other.

I wanted this tie-dyed fleece blanket with every fiber of my being. It was warm, soft, and worn. The colors would clash with my lavender and grey bedclothes. No matter how I tried, I couldn’t convince myself not to steal this blanket. And it didn’t make sense. Okay, that wasn’t true. It did make sense because the damn thing smelled so much like Gamble. Something about him watching over me struck me deep. The blanket was a reminder of him and it made me feel better. More secure. 

Good grief, had I regressed to childhood? Did I really need a blankie to feel secure?

I needed to leave. Fiona was willing to take me back to my apartment. I didn’t want to hold her up.

The door opened. Fiona and the red-haired woman who’d helped last night came into the room.

“I’m not rushing you, Victoria. I just want to be sure you’re okay.”

My eyes went to the side. How many times were people going to ask me if I was okay? And I understood that need. That drive to help.

But I didn’t think I would ever be okay again.

“Is his shirt too big? You could—”

“I want his blanket,” I whispered.

Fiona’s blue eyes almost lit up at my words, but she hid it.

“You take it,” the other woman said.

Fiona glared at her. “Abby, I don’t—”

“He won’t care,” Abby said to her.

“I don’t have my pants,” I said.

“They’re evidence now in case you decide to press charges. Stephanie offered some yoga pants, I’ll go get ‘em,” Abby said.

For some reason, Fiona followed Abby. As they left Gamble came into the room.

Since I was never good at being a sneak, I admitted, “I’m taking your blanket.”

His eyes landed on me, and they looked pained. “Have at it, kitten. Anything I can give you, it’s yours.”

I closed my eyes and turned my head away. 

Pity. He would give me the blanket because he pitied me.

Guess I’d have to get used to that too in the days ahead.

Abby came back in with yoga pants and Gamble cleared out.

I put on the stretchy pants. Then I folded the blanket and left it on his bed. 

I didn’t want it anymore. No matter how much it smelled like him.

Karen Renee is the author of the Riot Motorcycle Club, Beta, and O-Town series of books. She once crunched Nielsen ratings data but these days she brings her imagination to life by writing books. She has wanted to be a writer since she was very young, but it’s taken the last twenty plus years for her to amass enough courage and overall life experience to bring that dream to life. Some of those life experiences came from the wonderful world of advertising, banking, and local television media research. She is a proud wife and mother, and a Jacksonville native. When she’s not at the soccer field or cooking, you can find her at her local library, the grocery store, in her car jamming out to some tunes, or hibernating while she writes and/or reads books.

Title: Wreckage of You

Series: Wrecked Series #3
Author: Andie Bale
Genre: Contemporary Romance/MC
Release Date: May 26, 2022
★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “I am speechless… couldn’t put it down!!! This is an amazing series, one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading! There will be NO SPOLERS here… a must buy!!”
★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “Just like the two previous books in this series, Wreckage of You grabbed me and would not let me go. I can’t wait to finish Dylan’s and Becca’s story. FIVE HUGE STARS AGAIN FOR ANDIE BALE!!”
★★★★★ Goodreads Review – “OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! This story just keeps getting better and better with every page.”

Wrecker is dead. I keep on repeating it to myself over and over again as I chase after Becca. I need her forgiveness for all the ways I hurt her not only to save myself and her, but also to save my son. Getting her back is easy. Keeping her is not. I am not here for a relationship but to give us both closure. Becca has other ideas.
Just when I think I’m getting my life back together, Dylan crashes into it and changes everything. He tells me that he doesn’t want me forever and that he will leave. He needs me to understand it. Yet, he refuses to go away. When life gives us both more than we can handle, it is my turn to send him on his way with no remorse.
***WARNING*** This book is Part Three of the Wrecked series, and it ends in a cliffhanger.


Andie Bale lives in Ann Arbor (Go Blue!), Michigan, with her husband, daughter and awesome four-legged baby. Her love of reading started at a young age when sneaking her mother’s romance books to read was the highlight of her day. Now, I am beyond grateful and excited to be able to bring the characters in her head to life.

Title: Jackal
Series: Death Hounds MC #4
Author: H.J. Marshall
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: June 23, 2022
Cover Design: Dark Water Cover Design

My life was a nightmare wrapped in dark secrets. Separated from my sister at an early age, I was surrounded by twisted depravity that threatened to tear me apart. After losing everything and everyone I loved, I was cast out into a world I wasn’t prepared for. The Death Hounds saved my daughter from a life of misery and through them, I was reunited with her.

He saw the darkest parts of my soul and embraced them, offering me love and support unlike anything I’d ever experienced. He knew some of my secrets, but there were still dangers lurking in the shadows. He had his own demons that called him into the darkness, but together, we fought the darkness and began to build a future.

When faced with a vile monster from my past, I used the strength he gave me and fought to survive. My saviors on steel horses came to my rescue, but this time, a Death Hound was caught in the crossfire. Would the club still support me, or would they cast me back into a life of isolation?

With darkness closing in again, the only one who could protect me was the man who held my heart, and would destroy the world, just to see me smile. But when the truth is finally revealed, would he still be standing by my side, or would my daughter and I have to face the world alone?



H.J. Marshall began her love of reading and writing at an early age and has always dreamed of being a writer full-time. A nomadic youth exposed her to different perspectives of life, community, and culture, resulting in a lifelong love of food, music, and history. When she is not writing, she enjoys the music of all generations and genres, writing full-time, and living in her quiet cabin in the woods. Currently landlocked, H.J. dreams of her beach house, salty air, and a life filled with laughter.

Title: Grimm Wolves MC Series Box Set (Books 1-4)

Author: D.M. Earl
Genre: MC Romance/Romantic Suspense
Release Date: May 23, 2022

Take a ride with D.M. Earl and her Grimm Wolves MC. Start with this box set which includes Books One through Four.
Members-Prospects-Their stories show that family is not always the one you’re born in.
‘Live and let live—ride ‘til ya die—brothers not of blood but of the club.’
Meet the Grimm Wolves MC and see why you shouldn’t always judge a book by its cover.
Bottom of the Chains-Prospect
Santa…Nope the Grimm Wolves
Keeping Secrets-Prospect
Little Shop of Readers (Behemoth) – “This story is fast paced and heart wrenching. I can’t wait for more!!”
Cajun Heat Book Blog (Bottom of the Chains) – “2 Thumbs Up and 5 Stars for a great addition to the series. A series this reader Highly Recommends”
TMR (Santa…Nope the Grimm Wolves) – “I loved this novel. The chemistry. The banter. The writing. The cover. The characters.”
Goodreads Review (Keeping Secrets) – “I think this is my favorite Grimm Wolves book yet. Emotions are super high in this one so get ready.”
D.M. Earl is a U.S.A. Today Bestselling Author who spins stories about real life situations with characters that are authentic, genuine, and sincere. Each of her stories allow the characters to come to life with each turn of the page while they try to find their HEA through much drama and angst. D.M. finds ideas for her next story from within those around her and what she experiences in daily life. Each book has a part of her left behind in it. She lives in Northwest Indiana married to her best friend who was instrumental in the start of her writing career in 2014. When not writing D.M. loves to read, play with her seven fur-babies (yeah crazy) and ride her Harley Dyna Lowrider.
“Enjoy this Ride we call Life.” Remember we only get one chance.

Title: Spec

Series: Hell’s Handlers MC Florida Chapter #2
Author: Lilly Atlas
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2022

Scott survived hell serving his country. After more than two decades of service, the man honorably discharged from the army isn’t the same man who went in. Instead, he’s angry, violent, guilt-ridden, and in agony. The only thing keeping him going is the brotherhood he’s found in the Hell’s Handlers MC. Until she shows up, ruining his safe space.
Olivia finds herself in Florida, seeking out the man her brother called his best friend after her fiancé proves to be a monster in disguise. But Scott isn’t what she expected. His immediate hatred and hostile attitude send her reeling. Thankfully, the rest of his club is more receptive to her presence. But how can she stick around knowing the man she came to meet can’t stand her? Before long, Olivia realizes deep anguish drives Scott’s bitterness and sour outlook on life. His pain calls to her, causing a need to soothe the beast.
As Scott discovers the woman invading his universe isn’t who he’d judged her to be, he’s drawn to her with a power he can’t resist. But Olivia’s trip to Florida is fueled by a dark secret that might destroy their fragile connection before he can fully understand it.

★★★★★ Review – “This book had so many feels coming out of me.”

★★★★★ Review – “Great, amazing story!!!”

★★★★★ Review (Words Turn Me On) – “A love that was hard to break down the barriers, emotional, it will make you cry, laugh, fear for their emotional and physical safety, and see the amazing chemistry start to melt the edges of their frozen hearts.”


Lilly Atlas is a contemporary romance author, proud Navy wife, and mother of two spunky girls. By day she works as a physical therapist for a hospital in Virginia. Lilly is an avid romance reader, and expects her Kindle to beg for mercy every time she downloads a new eBook. Thankfully, it hasn’t happened yet, and she can often be found absorbed in a good book.

Title: Wrecked from Malice
Chapter: New Orleans- 4th Run
Series: #RoyalBastardsMC
Genre: MC Romance
Author: Crimson Syn
Release Date: May 17, 2022

Welcome to the Royal Bastards MC. Where Loyalty is King and Code is the only way to survive.
No one here knows my story.
Nor do they need to know.
My life is a series of malicious events.
Some were carried out by me.
Some executed by others.
Let’s just say, the world isn’t pretty out there.
Except for her.
Abigail Beaugard.
The Mayor’s daughter and my fatal downfall.
Innocent and sweet, she’s about to see the world through my eyes.
I only hope she’s not wrecked from the malice.
Riddick was everything my father hated,
All wrapped up in tattoos, tight leather, ands a sordid past.
I wasn’t supposed to see him again,
But circumstances brought him back to me.
Turns out he’s the only one I can turn to.
The only one who will keep me safe.
My father has made the wrong connections,
And now I’m in danger.
But I’m not sure who is more dangerous.
The men who are after my family,
Or the biker who has completely wrecked me.
No matter what malice tries to intervene
He has no idea what I’ll do to stay by his side.

Title: Rage Untamed

Series: Untamed MC #2
Author: Dawn Martens
Genre: Bikers (MC) Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2022
Cover Design: Marissa at Cover Me Darling, LLC
★★★★★ Amazon Review – “This series keeps getting better, and I want more.”

★★★★★ Amazon Review – “Man! She did it again! This book made my stomach drop out so many times.”

Once You become Untamed property, there is no way out.
Jennifer has been used and abused her entire life, and now she is owned by the Untamed Mc. She’s resisted Rage’s charms every chance she could but now, her time has run out. Rage is claiming her as his old lady and she doesn’t get a say in it.
Rage has wanted Jennifer since the moment he laid eyes on her, and now he finally has her as his. But will she stay his? If he has a say in it, yes, forever.
Until Death do them part.
Warning – unsafe AF



USA TODAY and AMAZON Best-selling Author!
**This Author has been deemed ‘unsafe’. Please back away from this author’s books if certain topics are triggers or an issue for you.**
Dawn Martens is a young, spunky Canadian Author. Being a wife, a mother to three beautiful little girls, and of course, best friend to fellow author Glenna Maynard, hasn’t stopped this Canadian Firecracker from pursuing her dreams of becoming a writer!
Dawn’s number one passion in life is the written word, and she’s extremely thankful that she has the ability to share the ramblings from the characters inside of her head with the rest of the world!