Title: Converted
Series: The Converted Series Book 1
Author: Dawn L. Chiletz
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tropes: Forbidden Love, Virgin, Workplace Romance, Good Girl/Bad Guy
Release Date: June 9, 2023
Cover Design: MurphyRae

Lucian Kane is sex personified. A popular musician with a bad boy reputation, Lucian always gets what he wants. And what he wants more than anything is the virginal new girl. She’s not like anyone he’s ever known. He’s spent his whole life only looking out for himself. Why does he suddenly want to take care of her?
Blaire Barton is a sheltered, farm girl. Promised to the convent from a young age, Blaire has never been able to make a single decision for herself, until now. Running away from all she’s ever known, she finds herself alone, broke, and working for the most beautiful man she’s ever seen. Why is she considering giving up everything to have him?
When the devil meets an angel, who will be converted?
Sometimes baptism happens in the flames.


A loud noise draws my attention to the far side of the bar. There are shattered glasses on the floor. A tray rolls toward the wall. A young waitress with her hair in a tight bun attempts to chase the rolling tray and it makes me chuckle. She pulls at the hem of her schoolgirl uniform as she tries to bend to get it without exposing herself. Those uniforms weren’t designed to encourage modesty, so I find myself watching her struggle and enjoying every second of it. She’s clearly uncomfortable.

Geoff rushes to her rescue and she stands, allowing him to pick up the tray and the broken glass. I’m irritated that he ruined my fun. She turns her head to face him and I catch my breath. Her big eyes are soft and expressive. Her lips are plump and wet. Did she just lick them? I can almost see them glisten from here. Is she a model? She definitely has the legs for it. She places an angelic hand on Geoff’s arm to thank him and blows a loose strand of hair away from her face.

I don’t believe I’ve ever seen her here before. I think I’d remember her if I had. She steps into the shadows where she’s working, and I can’t see her as well. There’s an empty table in her section and I move as I speak.

“Small detour.” I amble toward her, assuming Dave is close behind. I slide into the empty booth, unable to take my eyes off her. She speaks to the couple at the table across from us.

“I’m so sorry. Let me get you two new beers.”

She hurries off toward the bar without even noticing me. She’s careful and avoids bumping into anyone. Standing patiently behind a group of men at the bar, she waits to order. Does she not know where the staff goes to get drinks?

“Why are we sitting here?” Dave asks. “I thought you hated booths.”

“Shh.” I wave him away. His words are making it harder for me to see her clearly. She must be new. I mean, I haven’t been here in forever, but still. She looks like she’s never waitressed before. Who the hell hired her? Better yet, did anyone train her?

One of the guys at the bar starts to fan her skirt and she spins to regard him, clearly uneasy. I bolt from my seat and hurry toward him.

She turns back to the bar to get the drinks. I grab the guy by the back of the neck, leading him away from her as I push his head toward the floor. His two friends follow close behind me. My bouncer, Tyrus, sees the commotion and joins us.

“Hey. You’re Lucian Kane.” The one dude is able to form a coherent sentence. He must not be as drunk as the others. It’s barely eight-thirty. What kind of imbeciles get trashed this early? The one who can still talk chases behind me as I lead them away from the bar.

“Yeah, I am.” I return my attention to the man in my grasp. “Who the fuck do you think you are disrespecting one of my girls that way?”

“Who, me? I wasn’t disrespecting nothin’. I was just admirin’ the sway of her skimpy sssskirt. You make them wear that so we look, right?”

“You can look, but you never ever fucking touch. Do you understand me? You’re going to apologize to her or you’re going home. Got it?”

I feel him nod under my grasp, so I let go. He straightens his shirt as I point to Tyrus. “Make sure he says he’s sorry to her or he’s out of here.”

Tyrus nods and I walk back to the booth. As I slide in, I watch him tap her on the shoulder. He seems to ask for forgiveness. Tyrus stands behind him with his arms folded across his chest. She nods and twists her body away from them as she focuses on carrying the tray.

“What was that all about?” Dave asks.

Holding my hand up to silence him, I repeat, “I said shh.”

She places the drinks on the table next to ours and almost seems relieved when it’s over. She’s timid as she approaches us and pulls a little pad out of her pocket.

“Hi. Welcome to church. I mean, Miracles. What can I get for you?”

I stare at her for a moment and give her my signature grin. Years of photo shoots have taught me this particular smile of mine drives the girls wild. She blows the hair away from her eyes through her bottom lip and shyly smiles back. She’s fucking adorable. “Aren’t you supposed to tell us your name?” I ask.

“Oh, yeah. Blaire. My name is Blaire.” She straightens her twisted name tag to show me.

“Are you new?”

“Is it that obvious? Ugh.” She pulls at the hem of her skirt as if it will somehow make it longer.

“I take it you don’t like the uniform?”

She sighs loudly and tucks a stray hair behind her ear. She isn’t wearing a stitch of makeup and yet she’s more beautiful than any girl I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen plenty.

“To be honest, no. I hate them.”


She pauses for a moment and stares directly into my eyes. Her chest rises and falls rapidly. Am I making her nervous?

“They’re too short. I went to Catholic school for a few years and this is not what we wore. What kind of man makes grown women parade around in tight schoolgirl uniforms? Are we trying to attract pedophiles here? I feel like a piece of meat rather than a human being. Obviously, the owner doesn’t have a sister or any respect for women for that matter, or he wouldn’t force the women of this bar to dress this way. But that’s just my opinion.”

Dave covers his face to hide his smile and I nod to her in amazement. None of the girls have ever complained to me about the outfits. She just became even more fascinating.

“I agree. He must be a real asshole. Is he here? I can speak to him on your behalf if you’d like.” I look around the bar as if I’m searching for him. Does she not know who I am?

She smiles. “Thank you. That’s so thoughtful, but I heard he can’t take criticism. Supposedly, he thinks he walks on water or something.”

The smile drains from my face and Dave snort laughs as he takes a sip of water from the glass on the table.

“Have you ever met him?” I ask, diverting her attention away from Dave and back to me.

“No. I’ve never even heard of him. But that’s probably on me. I was never allowed to listen to his kind of music.”

“Allowed?” I question. “His kind of music?”

“Long story,” she says. “Anyway, what can I get for you?”

“No, really. I’m interested. Please explain.”

She glances over her shoulder at her other table. “I really need to get their order too.”

“They can wait.”

She shifts her weight from one foot to the other and I can tell this is going to be an issue. Scratching my chin, I decide to take things into my own hands. “One sec.” I slide out of the booth and walk over to her other table.

I crouch down next to them and whisper so she can’t hear me. “Hi. How are you tonight?”

The woman almost chokes on her drink when she sees me. “I really need to talk to your waitress for a moment. She doesn’t know who I am and I need it to stay that way. So if you can avoid mentioning my name and wait an extra couple of minutes for your order, it’ll be on me. Drinks too.”

They fall all over themselves. “Absolutely. No problem. Umm, can we get a picture later?”

“Definitely.” We shake hands and I walk back over to her. “They don’t mind. Now please continue.”

She glances over at them. They wave and smile. The man cups his hand to his mouth and yells, “Take your time!”

“Umm. Okay. What did you say?”

“That’s not important.”

“But—” She’s worried. I can see it.

“I’m buying their food and drinks. Now please answer the question.”

“Oh. That’s really nice of you. Umm… What was the question again?”

“You said you weren’t allowed to listen to the owner’s kind of music. What does that mean?”

“Right. Well, my parents said rock and roll was the music of the devil. They said it led to sin and fornication. It wasn’t allowed in the house.”

“Fornication, huh?” I question. “Do you have something against sex?”

Her big brown eyes bulge. “No. Well… I mean… I think making love can be a beautiful thing between two married people.” She fidgets nervously with the pad in her hands and stares at it as if it’s the most intriguing thing she’s ever beheld.

As much as I’d like to press the issue, the blush on her face tells me she’s extremely uncomfortable. My newest song, “Alabaster” starts to play over the sound system. I take the chance to change the subject.

“I think this is one of his songs. Do you like it?”

She listens intently for a moment and closes her eyes. I can’t help but stare at her body when she’s not looking. She’s toned and tan. I wonder if she has tan lines or if she suns in the nude. I have to force my mind out of the gutter to make sure I’m looking at her eyes when she opens them. Usually, I’m perfectly content being caught ogling breasts, but she feels different.

She opens her eyes and shrugs. “It’s fine.”

“Fine?” I ask.

“It doesn’t have much heart and he mumbles a lot. What is he even trying to say?”

Dave shakes his head in disbelief as he regards her.

“There you are. Why are you sitting over here?” Nadia asks.

I guess it’s time to come clean. “I wanted to meet my new waitress.”

Nadia does a double take at her and rolls her eyes. “Jesus, Lucian. She just started today and you’re already trying to get in her pants?”

My brows furrow in irritation. Even if she’s right, why would she say that out loud? 

“Lucian?” Blaire questions, swallowing hard. “As in Lucian Kane?”

I stand and reach out to shake her hand. “Nice to meet you, Blaire. Thank you for your honesty. I’ll take everything you said into consideration.”

Stomping away, I can’t hide my anger. Even if sex is always on my mind, that’s not at all how I wanted to come across to Blaire. Nadia ruined everything. That’s a great first impression. I shake my head as I climb the stairs to my table.

Pouring myself a drink, I wonder what she’s thinking. A girl with an opinion. Wanting to get in her head more than her pants might actually be a first for me. I stare at the whisky in my glass. The color reminds me of her tanned skin and I’m reminded that sex is all I ever want. Do I want her? Maybe I do. And I always get what I want.

Dawn L. Chiletz resides in Illinois with her two boys and two dogs. Her writing journey began when she had a dream and decided to try to put it into words. That dream became her first book, The Contest, and she’s been writing ever since.
When she’s not working her full-time job, you’ll most likely find her staring at her computer screen, writing, reading, or posting funny reels and laughing to herself.
To find out more information, including her upcoming signings, please visit her upcoming website at: http://authordawnlchiletz.com

Title: Bound by Blood

Author: Jessica M. Butler

Genre: Cozy Fantasy Romance

Publication Date: June 9th, 2023

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


A lonely soup maker’s bargain with a cursed blood fae for a magical pup opens the door to love, soup, and a chance something special in the midst of loss.


Erryn lets everyone believe she lost her memory years ago through a deal gone wrong with the fae, but that’s because the truth is too painful to speak about. She lost everything. Her home. Her family. She took all of them for granted, then struck a bargain that left her with nothing. The last deal she made with a fae revealed there was nothing special about her. But she might reconsider to save this pup.


Ryul lost his whole family in a devastating battle against an ancient enemy and is cursed to never walk the land when daylight touches it. His magic limited and distorted from the fight, he accidentally creates an apparition that turns into an ugly little dog. If he doesn’t get it back, his magic will be depleted.


Now this wretched human wants to keep the apparition, and her love is already turning it into a real dog. She swears she can make soup that will replenish his magic if he’ll just let her keep the dog. Though he knows he shouldn’t, he makes the trade. He even offers her another deal in the event she falls in love with him (which she swears she will never do).


He doesn’t make this trade because he likes her. Or because he’s lonely. It’s just…well, there’s a good reason in there somewhere. He needs time to figure out his next step and making sure this strange, sassy, stubborn human doesn’t poison him seems as good a diversion as any.


Or is he about to lose his heart as well as the plan?


Bound By Blood is the second book in the Starry Kingdoms of the Fae Collection. These books are all standalones written by your favorite fantasy authors and are the perfect read for your summer vacation. Prepare to be swept away into magical worlds with tropes you obsess over and swoon-worthy romance.

Jessica M. Butler is an adventurer, author, and attorney who never outgrew her love for telling stories and playing in imaginary worlds. She is the author of the epic romantic fantasy series Tue-Rah Chronicles along with many other fantasy stories set within the same worlds. She lives with her husband and law partner, James Fry, in rural Indiana where they are quite happy with their five cats and all of the wildlife and trees.


Author Links:

Facebook | Twitter | Website | Reader Group | Instagram

Amazon | Bookbub | Goodreads | Tiktok | Youtube | Newsletter


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Free Form

The Extended Edition:

An Opposites Attract Forced Proximity Off Limits Romantic Comedy

By Xavier Neal

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US  | UK  | CA  | AU 

Read on Kindle Unlimited 



From USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR Xavier Neal comes a laugh-out-loud forced proximity romantic comedy!


Tucker Frost is a charming, billionaire flight risk with no interest in attending his mother’s wedding reception at the end of the summer. 

And June Bailey?

Well, she’s his aunt’s clumsy, overworked assistant that’s tasked with making sure he gets to the aforementioned wedding now that he’s back in town.

That is if she’d like to keep her job.

Is there anyway she can convince her boss’s stubborn, wanderlust loving nephew to bury the hatchet and be her date to the big event or will she be jobless, homeless, and back to sending out resumes before they even have a chance to cut the cake?

Coming Soon: Free Spirit – Book 2

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Title: Flirting with the Bad Boy
Series: Harbor Highlands Series
Author: Gia Stevens
Genre: Romantic Comedy/Best Friend’s Brother Romance
Release Date: July 17, 2023
Cover Design: HEA Studios

He’s grumpy. A tattooed bad boy. And my best friend’s brother.
Ledger Hudson screams off limits. Instead of staying away, I tell him to kiss me. It’s a kiss that sends tingles to places I never knew could tingle. When it’s over, I need more.
This good girl craves the bad boy.
Our chemistry between the sheets…
Turning the frown of the grumpasaurus upside down…
Most fun I’ve ever had.
Everything was perfect until my best friend found out.
Ledger pushes me away, saying we’re from different worlds. I tug him back, wanting to prove him wrong. When I’m dateless for the biggest gala of the year, he shows up as my knight in shiny combat boots.
All my life I’ve been forced to follow a certain set of rules and a smokin’ hot guy in ripped jeans and a motorcycle isn’t on the list. When all the secrets and lies unravel, I’m left with nothing…
Now it’s the grumpy, bad boy who’s determined to not let me go.

“Kiss me.”

Did I hear her correctly?

Slowly, I turn my head toward her. I’m greeted with topaz blue eyes. Even in the dim lighting, they sparkle. Her voice is sugary sweet, just as I suspected. I don’t do sugary. Or sweet. “Did you just ask me to kiss you?” I tip up an eyebrow at her, wanting confirmation that I heard her correctly.

“Yes. I need to know if I’m broken.”

Again, I give her another questioning eyebrow.

She sits up straighter on her stool. “Have you ever kissed someone and there was no spark?”

“Uh. No.”

“Of course, you haven’t.” Her shoulders deflate. “You’re a guy. Guys care about one thing…” She glances down at my denim covered crotch, but the way her eyes linger doesn’t go unnoticed.

“I could say the same thing about you.” I peer down at my crotch, then meet her eyes. She says nothing, just lifts her beer and takes a sip. I wasn’t expecting her to give up so fast. I figured it would take a little more than her getting caught red-handed checking me out to get her to keep quiet. Grabbing my beer, I take a celebratory gulp.

She places her beer on the bar, then swivels her stool so she’s fully facing me. “I just need you to kiss me.”

I choke on my beer as I fight not to spray it all over the bar top. As soon as I finish coughing, I turn to her. She’s not going to give up.

She inches closer to the edge of her seat. Her knees almost touching my thigh. “Kiss me. I need to know that whatever I’m feeling is just a rut, and I’m not broken.”

“Where I come from, we don’t ask. If we want to kiss someone, we just do it.”

She gives me an exasperated sigh. “I don’t go around just kissing random strangers.”

“And this is…what?”

“This is an experiment. So don’t worry about that.” She waves me off.

I bark out a laugh. For the second time in our brief conversation, she made me laugh. Twice. It’s a foreign sound as of late. What is she doing to me? I shake it off. “So, now you’re just using me?” 

Her lips tip up into a smile. “For experimental purposes. You’re not really my type.”

I scoff. But truth be told, I’m hypnotized by her plump cherry red lips and curious how they would feel on mine. “Wow. An insult on top of using me. How could anyone turn down your offer? I’ll let you in on a little secret.” I lean toward her, so my face is inches from her cheek. She smells sweet and rich, like jasmine. I regain my train of thought and whisper, “You’re not really my type either, duchess.” I pull away while keeping my eyes trained on hers, wanting to catch her reaction. Her breath hitches. Then she squares her shoulders as she composes herself.

“My name’s not duchess. It’s Oli—”

“Don’t care.” I take a drink of my beer.

“Well, there’s no reason to be rude about it. All I want is one simple little favor.” She pinches her fingers centimeters apart in front of her. “Just a kiss. It’s not like I was asking you to father my children. Also, just so we’re clear, I wouldn’t want that,” she glances down at my crotch again, “anywhere near me.”

Now it’s my turn to scoff. “I guarantee you’ll be thinking about this later tonight.” I nod toward my lap. “You’ll be squirming on top of your expensive as hell silk sheets wishing I was there to take away the ache between your legs.”

Her nostrils flair as she narrows her eyes. “How dare you make assumptions about me? You know nothing about me. Hell, you don’t even want to know my name. You just think you’re some big gruff guy, with a sexy bad boy vibe, and all the women will just flock to you like a seagull to a french fry. Well, guess what? That’s all you are. A seagull.”

“Did you just compare me to a bird?” I raise an eyebrow.

Without missing a beat, she replies, “I did. Because you’re annoying with a cocky attitude.”

“You’re the one who sat down next to me and rambled on about kissing me.”

“Clearly, it was a big mistake. The last thing I would want is a limp kiss from you. And I’m sure something else would hold the same limpness.” Her eyebrows raise as she nods to my crotch again.

“You’re on a roll. Now you challenge my manhood?”

She shrugs a shoulder. “I call it like I see it.”

I lean in, my voice low. “Well duchess, I guarantee you I’d have you moaning my name in under five seconds. But I’d hate to dirty up your perfect good girl persona.”

“Good thing we’re not on a first name basis so I can’t moan anything. And once again my name isn’t duchess. What is it with guys and pet names? Is it so you can call all the girls the same name, so you never have to remember their real—”

Done with this conversation, I’ll give her what she wants and grease cover hands be damned. I wrap one hand around the back of her neck and haul her to me. Her eyebrows shoot to her hairline in surprise, and I slam my lips to hers.

Gia Stevens resides in the up north of Minnesota. She lives for the warm, sunny days of summer and dreads the bitter cold of winter. A romantic comedy junkie at heart, she knew she wanted her own stories to encompass those same feelings.

When she’s not busy writing your next book boyfriend, Gia can be found playing in her vegetable garden, watching reruns of The OC and Gossip Girl, or curled up with a good book.


Title: No Man’s Land
Series: Ohana Surfing Series
Author: Courtney W. Dixon
Release: May 31, 2023
Genre: M/M Romance
Tropes: student/advisor, college romance, daddy/boy, big age gap
★★★★★ Amazon Review – “Beautiful story of life after trauma
★★★★★ Amazon Review – “Worth Every Last Day I Waited!
There’s only one man I will allow to know me. My mind, heart, and soul are my gifts to Mr. Carter.
I used to joke with my found family that I had daddy issues as a deflection from my problems. I didn’t want anyone to know that side of me. I had a classic case of it, keeping me from relating to young men my age. All because of my abusive father. At seventeen, I started college and developed an obsession with my advisor, Mr. Ashton Carter. He was everything I could ever want, and I knew deep down he could fulfill my needs that I couldn’t find with anyone else. But I was too young and had to wait until I turned eighteen and play my cards right. Would he want someone with my issues that no one else knew about other than my therapist? And I thought I left my past behind, only to discover that it’s trying to claim me once more.
Levi Dawson was barely seventeen when he first came to me. His brilliant mind struggled to find direction, and I did my best to guide him. The more time we spent together the more he flirted. I knew he had developed feelings for me, but he was too young, and I could lose my job at the university if we acted on them. When I stumbled upon Levi as the victim of a brutal attack, I saved him. Since then, he has desperately clung to me. Could I hold back my growing feelings for the young man? He was too hard to resist.
There are a lot of triggers in this book. CW: Abuse of a child, mentions of molestation/rape, child prostitution, homophobia, bullying, big age gap (18/37), co-dependency, Stockholm Syndrome, attempted rape, explicit language, violence, and sex.

Courtney W. Dixon is solely an MM author as of January 2023, who loves to write steamy romance, but in each story, she gives her characters challenges and struggles. She loves to add variety and multiple tropes in her stories. And she writes her characters as having flaws, imperfections, and who don’t always do the right thing, sometimes stupid things. Humans are never perfect and make a lot of mistakes in their lives. It gives her pleasure to challenge her characters, making them achieve their HEAs so much better.
You can find Courtney working in Central Texas with her husband, two boys, two crazy dogs and two cats, none of whom know how to knock on a door while she’s working.

Title: Bound by Adoration
Series: Ravage MC #21; Bound #12
Author: Ryan Michele
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: July 27, 2023

Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author Ryan Michele brings the explosive, second chance romance between three strong willed people who need each other more than they ever realized.

The past never stays in the past…

Worlds collide in a single moment.

Nyx couldn’t hide in the shadows any longer. She had a plan, but it all went up in smokes engulfing her in a twisted mess of chaos staring her in the face.

Raid knew Ravage. Lived for it because family was everything. His protective streak was intense even by Ravage standards and Nyx was now under that umbrella, like it or not.

Liam swore he’d stay away, never look for the woman who grabbed his heart only to keep her safe. Unfortunately, he had to break that promise.

What he didn’t expect was to see a man from his past with the woman he once called his.

Nothing was simple in this twisted love affair between these three souls. Anger, passion and chemistry explodes into fireworks.

One thing was for certain, danger was around the corner and if they didn’t figure things out…not only them, but the Ravage MC would never be the same.

** Bound by Adoration (Bound #12) is a full-length novel and is the second part of a duet. Please read Bound by Passion then Bound by Adoration. **

Ryan Michele brings you the seductive, dangerous, and gritty world of the Ravage Motorcycle Club where loyalty and family are everything and threats lurk around every corner.

With complex characters, gripping storylines, steamy romance and heart-stopping danger, the Ravage MC series spans multiple books in an adrenaline-fueled suspenseful ride, filled with explosive passion, betrayal, forbidden love, heartbreak, secrets, second chances and thrilling action with intense emotions.

Ryan Michele is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Bestselling author of over 40 romantic suspense novels. She found her passion bringing fictional characters to life, being in an imaginative world where anything is possible. Her knack for the unexpected twists and turns will have you on the edge of your seat with each page. She is best known for her alpha, bad boy bikers and strong, independent heroines who refuse to back down. When she’s not writing, you can find her on her swing, watching the water ripple in the pond and plotting her next book.


Title: Marked Dragon (The Marked Dragon Prince Trilogy 2)

Author: Jen L. Grey

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publication Date: June 8th, 2023

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR



I’m a pawn in this war between two princes… two brothers. One is obsessed with me. The other is my fated mate.

It’s only a matter of time before I will be forced to walk down the aisle toward the wrong dragon prince.

To save my fated mate, Thorn, I allow his malicious brother to capture me.

I thought Thorn would be safe, but my newly betrothed had no intention of keeping his promise.

Now, not only has a future with my mate been stolen but my freedom as well.

Thorn’s life hangs in the balance because of my terrible mistake.

I must find a way to save him…even if it costs me everything—including my life.


USA Today Bestselling Author

Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies, even as a little girl. When I was a toddler, my parents would read stories to me over and over. I would hear them so often that I had the books memorized and could recite the story word by word.

My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. So of course that’s what I’m inclined to write.

I have a husband, two young daughters, and a mini Australian Shepherd. I’ve lived in Tennessee the majority of my life and love the state.

I’m extremely addicted to caffeine and enjoy drinking coffee and lattes.

Author Links:

Amazon | Goodreads | Facebook | Reader Group

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Young Outlaws MC Nevada Book 1

By T.L Wainwright


Genre: Contemporary MC (Motorcycle club) Romance Fiction

Hosted by DS Book Promotions



US | UK | CA | AU

Available on Kindle Unlimited


What to expect:

Opposites attract | Biker and the Nanny | Age gap | Alpha Males | Enemies to Lovers | Romantic Suspense | Sworn off relationships | Different worlds | Unexpected parental responsibility.


Young Outlaws MC Vice President Gabriel Parish, otherwise known as Stone, doesn’t do romantic relationships—especially when it could put a target on anyone that’s his.

Being the VP of The Young Outlaws MC, Nevada, means his responsibilities keep him close to home. Until a family tragedy strikes, leaving Stone to manage not only his responsibilities to his club but a new responsibility toward his three-year-old niece.

With no alternative, he’s forced to hire a live-in nanny. However, the arrival of Oriana, the young, intelligent university graduate, brings temptations he finds hard to ignore.

When a second incident leaves Oriana injured and Sasha missing, Stone is forced to ask questions.

Could both car accidents be a coincidence or a targeted attack against the club?

One thing is clear through all the mayhem and madness; Stone can no longer ignore his growing feelings toward Oriana.

Once the club get news that at least one of the accidents was an act of revenge, Stone and his Young Outlaws brothers vow to seek their retribution.


** This book is a MC romantic suspense, love story containing dark elements.**

STONE is the first book of the new spin off series of the YOMC Florida trilogy. You do not have to have read the Florida series to enjoy the Nevada series.

About T.L Wainwright

T. L Wainwright lives in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England with her long-suffering husband and daughter. She loves nothing more than curling up with her kindle or stroking and petting her every growing collection of signed paperbacks. By day, she works as a Cross Trade Manager. By night, a writer of hot and saucy romances. Some are a little dark, but each with angst, humour, and a whole lot of sexy stuff. Not to forget the larger-than-life alpha males and the strong, sassy women.

T.L loves everything that the book world has to offer, including the charismatic fans, bloggers and authors who continue to amaze her. Writing and publishing her work has been a total revelation.

Her motto… Dreams Are Real, Imagination A Necessity – Love to Read. Live to Write.

T. L even has the tattoo to prove it.


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Title: Cuffed
Series: Boys of Bishop Mountain Book 2
Author: Lexxi James
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance
Release Date: May 19, 2023

★★★★★ “….contemporary, millionaire romance with incredible characters and storyline. I especially loved the intrigue, unpredictability, wittiness, and steam.”

★★★★★ “Must read series!!!! If you love intrigue, love, laughter and even a few tears, you’ll love it!”

The second I saw him walk through that door, I knew he was trouble.
Men like him always are.
The dark hair.
The smoldering stubble.
Those piercing gray eyes that might as well be a flame thrower between women’s legs.
Oh, and the fact that he’s in a gentlemen’s club.
What am I doing here, you ask?
It’s my job to be here.
No, not that job.
My job is to put away bad guys, like the elusive mob hitman I’ve been tracking for months who’s now somewhere in this very club.
You see, I’m a woman on a mission,
And this is a raid.
For heaven’s sake, I was hosting my brother’s bachelor party,
Is that a crime?
(Seriously, asking for a friend.)
I mean, considering my brother is about to walk down the aisle,
I’m just doing my best man duties.
And sure, technically, it’s a gentlemen’s club…
A private, exclusive, highly coveted one where everyone is supposed to be protected and completely anonymous.
Oh, and did I mention that it’s six-figure stupid expensive?
At least there’s one silver lining to this cluster of a night…
Agent Hannah Evans.
Even as she slides the cuffs around my wrists,
And her fiery eyes meet mine,
It’s clear we both know the truth:
My name isn’t James Smith.
My attorney will have me free in under an hour.
And that kiss…
The one I couldn’t help stealing…
Won’t be our last.
Cuffed is a steamy contemporary romance and can be read as a stand-alone in the Boys of Bishop Mountain series.
As a USA Today Bestselling author, Lexxi James has hit the top 50 bestseller lists on Amazon, Apple Books, and Barnes & Noble, with books sold in over 26 countries. Best known for seductive romantic suspense, she loves matching smoking hot heroes with their soul mates. Her signature style is witty banter, high heat, and a whole lot of heart.
She proudly calls the Midwest home where she lives with the man of her dreams and the sweetest daughter in the universe. Her pastimes include reading, loading up on unhealthy quantities of caffeine, and binging Netflix and reality TV. She’s a sucker for kids selling cookies and pretty much anything on Etsy.


Title: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Magic

Author: Linsey Hall

Genre: Cozy Fantasy Romance, Romantic Comedy

Publication Date: June 2nd, 2023

Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


So here’s the deal—I’m a magical disaster. A witch from a family of witches, and the only one whose magic blows up in her face. Which is why I came up with my rules…

1. Never get involved with magic

2. If you must get involved, do not enter a competition to win the biggest magical fortune in England

3. And definitely don’t fall for Callan Hawthorne, the sexy billionaire mage who you’ve hated for years

So how the heck do I end up in a situation that promises to break all those rules? It’s the only way to save Seaside Spells, my family’s magical potion shop.

But it’s cool. When I go back home to Charming Cove—a village of ancient pubs and foul-mouthed familiars—I will totally ignore Witch Weekly’s Sexiest Man of the Year. I’ll win the competition, and if I’m lucky, I won’t turn myself into a toad in the process.

This’ll be fine. It’ll all be fine.


Before becoming a writer, Linsey was an archaeologist who studied shipwrecks in all kinds of water, from the tropics to muddy rivers (and she has a distinct preference for one over the other). After a decade of tromping around in search of old bits of stuff, she settled down to start penning her own adventure novels and is freaking delighted that people seem to like them. Since life is better with a little (or a lot of) magic, she writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

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