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Title: Let It Be Love
Series: Mustang Prairie Series
Author: N.D. Jackson
Genre: Contemporary Small Town Romance
Release Date: July 12, 2022
Cover Design: Truly Trendy PR
Falling in love with a pop starlet has its drawbacks
Lack of privacy, for one
Gossip, for another
But falling in love with Kiki Ramirez was the best thing I’ve ever done
And the stupidest
One story planted by her agent and now I look like a fool
Played by the starlet
Looking like a simp for the world to see
But none of its true and I can’t defend my woman how I want
The urge to fight for her, to defend her is too strong
Even against the Hollywood machine working hard to keep us apart
Falling in love with a civilian wasn’t part of the plan
I didn’t believe in love
Not for me and not for my life
But a small town mayor was the man who’d torn down my walls
Snuck past my defenses
And now with our future hanging in the balance its up to me to find a way to make it all work
A crazy agent
A ravenous paparazzi
And a pregnant belly I’m powerless to hide
I want Eric and the life I see for us
But how can I invite this madness into his quiet, small town life?

“… enjoyable and engaging contemporary romance, which kept me happily turning the pages.”

“This story had me hooked.”

N.D. Jackson spends her days wandering the streets of whatever European city she and her husband finds themselves visiting or living in, creating new characters and new worlds for her novels, and she spends her nights cooking yummy vegan food and whipping up not-so-fancy but tasty cocktails for loved ones. Though a native of Chicago she currently lives in Romania and has slowly started to travel again, though she still longs for the days she could fill her passport with stamps from Germany, Amsterdam, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Romania, Hungary, Austria and all the other places she’s visited.
Since she received her first library card at the age of 7, not a day goes by where she doesn’t read a page or chapter. Or finish a whole book. Her first novel, Conflict of Interest was published in 2014 at the ripe old age of she’s not telling and she had been entertaining readers with tales of love and romance ever since.

Title: Friend Zone Hell
Series: Hellman Brothers Book 3
Author: Marika Ray
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Small Town Romance
Tropes: best-freinds-to-lovers, heroine with an illness, hero has that golden retriever + daddy dom energy
Release Date: October 6, 2022
Cover Design: Jennifer Olson
The town’s most eligible bachelor just saved my life. I paid him back by puking on him.
Callan Hellman. Mr. Nice Guy paramedic. My best friend.
He buys my friends flowers when he knows they’ve had a hard day. Who does that? Callan’s the guy every girl wants to date and take home to mama. Not me though. We’re just friends. Have been since elementary school. I was the weird girl who kept him laughing with my antics, even when his father abandoned his family and Callan hid those scars behind his smile.
But due to my sudden medical diagnosis at twenty-four, Callan insists I move in with him. I accept and soon regret it. Since when did he grow all those muscles, and why is he allergic to wearing shirts? I’m getting white-picket-fences-feelings I have no business feeling, and try as I might to suppress them, Callan makes a bold move that proves he’s carried a love-shaped torch for me for years.
Turns out, best friends make the best lovers, but when Callan’s daddy issues come between us, will his well-meaning brothers be able to patch us up and get our hearts beating together again? Or have I just lost the best friend I’ll ever have?

“Angel, please.” I whispered, cupping her face and stroking my thumb across her cheek. She finally shifted her gaze so that she was looking directly into my eyes. “I’m sorry for embarrassing you. I’m sorry for causing a scene. I’m sorry for stepping in your business. I just couldn’t let him disrespect you like that.”

Cricket’s eyes closed and when she opened them, I knew she’d forgiven me. “I know you’re sorry. And I know he deserved it. I just…” She sighed, the sound laced with disappointment, discontent, and whole layer of something I couldn’t identify. “I just wish I’d been the one to do it.”

“Why, Cricket, that’s mighty violent of you.” My lips tugged into a smile I hoped she’d reflect.

I wasn’t disappointed. “I would have kicked him in the nuts, but the nose was good too.”

I chuckled and she did too, letting me pull her into a hug. Her blonde head fit in the dip right between my pec muscles. “Dance with me.”

She didn’t answer, but her hands slid up my chest and onto my shoulders. My arms wound around her waist and held her to me, letting me relish the scent of her perfume as it surrounded us. I couldn’t live with myself if Cricket was mad at me. 

She kept her cheek against my chest, her fingers playing in the hair that met the collar of my shirt. If I closed my eyes, I could get lost in this moment. Get lost in her. I could imagine dances just like this in our kitchen as we aged together. Our children growing up watching their parents dance to an imaginary song, too in love to care there was no actual music. I could envision a whole life with her.

“You’re such a good friend, Cal. What would I do without you?” Cricket whispered, her words instantly and painfully dissolving the vision in my head.

Good friend.

That was all I’d ever be with Cricket, and I’d do well to remember it.

Like a criminal stuck in a life sentence on Alcatraz, I was firmly imprisoned in the friend zone.

But if that was all Cricket could give me, I’d take it and be the most grateful man on the planet. I loved her, and that meant giving her what she wanted: her freedom to love someone else.

Marika Ray is a USA Today bestselling author of steamy and sweet RomComs, spending her time behind a computer crafting stories, walking any beach she can find, and making healthy food for her kids and husband whether they like it or not. Prior to writing novels, Marika held various jobs in the finance industry, with private start-up companies, and then in health & fitness. Cats may have nine lives, but Marika believes everyone should have nine careers to keep things spicy. All her books come with a money-back guarantee that you’ll smile at least once with every book.
More information can be found at

Title: Memories of the Past

Series: Willow Valley Book #1
Author: S.L. Sterling
Genre: Small Town, Second Chance Romance
Release Date: October 11, 2022
Cover Design: Thunderstruck Cover Design

Thomas was the love of my life, or he was supposed to be. Instead, he became the guy who broke my heart, crushed my spirit, the last guy I ever dated, and the reason I never wanted to date again.

All this, I decided at seventeen, right after we graduated, which coincided with the day he left. He had his truck packed. We’d talked about running off together, eloping. Instead, Thomas explained he was leaving, joining the rodeo, and I could come if I wanted.

If I wanted!

I thought we shared a dream, but it didn’t include running off to join the western equivalent of a circus. Not with him. Not with anyone. I knew better.

So, he left, and I decided to make a life on my own.

I spent the next few months learning all I could about the small bookstore my aunt owned. I gradually took over as she aged, until one morning she woke and announced that she was ready to retire. She had picked a retirement community nearby, she wanted to relax, sleep in and hang out with the old people, like herself.

I’d begun to clean up the place, sorting through boxes of books she’d packed away and began setting them out. I’d let people make me an offer since I was short on space. That was when Thomas appeared. His father had passed, and the community was buzzing with rumors that he had returned to sell the property.

He’d come in looking for a good read or so he claimed. Instead I shoved a book at him and told him to take it. I hoped I’d never see him again, but I was wrong. He returned, with the book, his note told me to read the book and I’d understand. So, I read it, and I understood nothing.

It was Aunt Vi’s diary. She too had never stopped pining for a cowboy who left her behind.

Maybe he thought he was saving me. Perhaps I missed what I was supposed to understand all together. All I knew was that I didn’t want to face him. One look at him told me it would be all to easy to fall into those strong arms again and I knew I still loved him, even if he didn’t love me in return.


© 2022 by S.L. Sterling (Unedited and Subject to Change)


“Well, I certainly wasn’t expecting you.” I said, my tone low. 


Trinity stood there, not saying anything. She looked up at me, then looked down to the casserole dish she held in her hands as if she’d forgotten what it was and why she was holding it. 


“What’s that?” I questioned, trying to glance at what was inside.


“Oh, um, I just thought…. well…I brought you this.” She said slowly raising the dish and holding it out for me to take. 


I rubbed my hands together, “I sure hope it’s your chicken and broccoli casserole, it’s my favorite.” I reached out to take the casserole dish from her and lifted the lid. “I had one the other night from some lady my mom knew but it didn’t hold a candle to the one you make.” 


“Nope, not my chicken and broccoli casserole. It’s Aunt Vi’s chicken and dumplings.” She smiled. 


Instantly I felt my stomach turn, as I got a whiff of the contents. My mind instantly went to the last time I’d had it, remembering the upset stomach I’d had for days afterward. It had never been my favorite dish, even the one my mother made, and as far as I remembered Trinity knew it.  


“Did you want to come in? It would be nice to have company while I eat.” I said, swallowing hard, thoughts of eating chunky paste like balls of mushy flour.  


I almost smiled when I took a look at the scared look on her fac, it was almost as if I’d asked her to do something against the law. I leaned up against the post and waited for her answer not saying anything. I planned to do whatever it took to keep her there, so if that meant chowing down on soggy flour then I’d do it. I wanted us to get past whatever anger, hate, and bad memories we needed to, so we could hopefully get back to normal. 


“Oh, you haven’t eaten yet?” She questioned, glancing at her watch.


“No, I wasn’t hungry earlier, but suddenly I’m starving, and this…this looks delicious.” I said, almost choking on my own words. “Besides the house it too quiet to eat, so how about it Trinity? Will you join me?”


“Oh, where is Lyle?” She asked looking around. 


“He went into town; said he was going to have a couple drinks with one of the hands from Darling Ranch.”


I watched as she looked back to her car. I could only imagine what was going through her mind. Was she wondering if she could run back to it and leave without me noticing. 


“I’ll…I’ve just got to grab my purse.” She said, turning back toward her car.


“Trinity, I don’t think you need to worry about your purse way out here.” I said climbing the stairs and holding the front door open for her. “There’s no one around for a few miles at least.”


I saw a slight smile on her lips, and she nodded, “Oh of course. Silly me.” She said swallowing hard. 


“Come on in.” I said, still holding the door for her. 


She stood there for a second and then climbed the three stairs, and walked past me into the house, stepping out of the way so I too could get inside. She stood just inside the door, glancing around and was about to follow me to the kitchen when she suddenly stopped and bent down to untie her shoes. 


“Don’t worry about your shoes, just come on into the kitchen.” I said leading the way and pulling out a chair for her to sit on.  I placed the still warm casserole dish down on the counter and grabbed a plate and glass from the cupboard.  “Want anything to eat or drink?” I asked. 


“Oh, No thank you. I already ate.” 


“You’re sure?” I questioned as I dished some of the chicken and dumplings onto the plate, the look of them already making me nauseous. “These look delicious.”


“Yes, I am good, thanks.”


 “Okay, If you say so.” I said taking a glance at her as I poured myself a glass of milk and carried both the plate and glass over to the table. I sat down and reached for the salt and pepper, shaking the contents of both shakers over my plate.  


“You’ll have to let me know how they are.” Trinity said watching my every move. “It’s been a hot minute since I made them.” She smiled as she watched me sink my fork into the mess on my plate.


I looked at the gooey contents that hung off my fork and took a breath, then brought the full fork up to my mouth.  Why did it have to be chicken and dumplings? Of all the things she could have made, this was what she brought. I took the fork and placed it in my mouth, my gag reflex working almost instantly. Just before I swallowed, I picked up the glass of milk and drank some back, it was the only way to get the food down. 


“It’s great.” I lied, my mouth still partially full.


“Oh good. That means I followed Aunt Vi’s recipe perfectly.” She smiled. “I was worried they wouldn’t turn out.”


I smiled back, sinking my fork into the soggy mess on my plate and bringing another forkful up to my mouth. “How is Vi?” I questioned, doing whatever I could to avoid placing this food in my mouth.


“Good. She’s doing well. I just moved her to the retirement facility that was just built on the outskirts of Willow Valley.” 


I could feel the sweat begin to trickle down my forehead and wiped my brow with the sleeve of my shirt before taking another bite, followed by a mouthful of milk. I couldn’t help but wonder how much more torture I was going to have to endure, how much more of this I was going to have to eat.


“Sure, you don’t want any?” I asked, nodding to my plate. “Feels a little odd to be the only one eating.”


“No, I’m good, I was munching on chicken and vegetables while I made it.”


It was the moment that I caught sight of her lip twitching as her eyes danced at my question. Was she actually enjoying watching me suffer as I ate this mess? I wondered, as I wiped my brow again, this time with my napkin.


Shoving another forkful into my mouth my stomach churned. There was so much flour, and I seriously didn’t know how much more I would be able to eat. I had barely put a dent into what sat on my plate, and my stomach was already turning. With my hand shaking I brought another mouthful up to my lips. 


“All right! That’s enough.” Trinity said standing up. 


“What?” I asked, shocked at her outburst. 


“Do you want to die?” She said, ripping the fork from my hand and dropping it down onto my plate. “You’ll end up with heartburn for days on end you silly man.”

S.L. Sterling was born and raised in southern Ontario. She now lives in Northern Ontario Canada and is married to her best friend and soul mate and their two dogs. 
An avid reader all her life, S.L. Sterling dreamt of becoming an author. She decided to give writing a try after one of her favorite authors launched a course on how to write your novel. This course gave her the push she needed to put pen to paper and her debut novel “It Was Always You” was born. 
When S.L. Sterling isn’t writing or plotting her next novel she can be found curled up with a cup of coffee, blanket and the newest romance novel from one of her favorite authors on her e-reader. Her favorite authors include Kendall Ryan, Vi Keeland, Penelope Ward, Lauren Blakely, Alessandra Torre and Willow Winters. 
In her spare time, she enjoys camping, hiking, sunny destinations, spending quality time with family and friends and of course reading.
Title: Coming Home
Series: Mountain Grove Book 1
Author: C.B. Noy
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Small Town Romance, Instalove Romance
Release Date: September 6, 2022
Cover Design: Jena Bignola

What happened to my perfect life? Ok perfect wasn’t the right word, but I was happy…ish. When my world imploded, I decided to go back to the place my parents had once called home. Mountain Grove, Maryland. I needed to feel some kind of a connection to them, to find the missing pieces of my shattered existence. So I packed up my meager possessions and left Miami in the dust. Everything was going according to plan until one accident and one pair of incredible green eyes managed to calm the raging storm that surrounded me. I was in so much trouble.
Being the Chief of Police in Mountain Grove had its ups and downs. I had a great family, a job I loved, and a town full of people to safeguard. But I was coasting through life, searching for something I didn’t know existed. Until that night. The moment I saw those beautiful blues, my world shifted on its axis. She was mine. Loving her was the easiest thing I’d ever done, and keeping her safe was a challenge I didn’t hesitate to accept.
C.B.Noy was born and raised in Northern Maryland and decided it was a great place to raise a family. She and her husband live ten minutes from the house she grew up in with the two youngest of their five kids. Rounding out the family are their two dogs and two cats. For nine years, she was a nurse in the ICU and then transitioned to home health nursing five years ago. She is an avid reader of romance and had an idea for a book one weekend. With the help of some seriously awesome and amazing friends, and the support of her family, the Mountain Grove series was born.

Title: The Asshole Heir
Series: A Winter Harbor Heroes #2
Authors: Whitley Cox & Ember Leigh 
Genre: Small Town, Second Chance, Secret Baby, Estranged Family, Secret Romance
Release Date: August 16, 2022
Mending fences with my brothers as I uncover family secrets is easy compared to winning back the woman carrying my baby…
Six months ago she ghosted me.
She stopped taking my calls and didn’t even answer her damn door.
Now, with my world upside down and my arm in a cast, where do I find her, but Winter Harbor, seven months pregnant with my baby.
Despite her keeping this secret from me, I want her. I’ve always wanted her. And even though I was dead-set on never having kids, given my own garbage dad, seeing Amaya pregnant and knowing that the baby is mine changes everything. I’m ready to right my father’s wrongs and be there for my kid.
I want the family life, and I want it with Amaya.
But she’s not convinced. And for good reason. Now I just have to prove to her that taking a chance on love–and building a family with a man who’s ruined more romances than started them–is a risk worth taking.
***This is the second book of the Winter Harbor series which features a quirky small town, secrets galore, and three estranged brothers who find the key to healing comes from the women who steal their hearts.

“This book had me captivated from the very first chapter and drawn to Carson like a moth to a flame. The chemistry between Amaya and Carson is absolutely electric and radiates through every word. This second chance romance is filled with secrets, suspense, drama and just enough chaos to have you on the edge of your seat.” – Wiley Kate (Amazon Review)

“The reader will instantly fall in love with Carson and Amaya and only want them to succeed while they want the pages to go quicker to get more of them but at the same time want the pages to go slower so they can enjoy the ride. Simply a wonderful tale of family and forgiveness.” – Nicki Holt ~The Overflowing Bookcase (Amazon Review)

“I really didn’t want the book to end, and definitely looking forward to the next. Highly recommend and to me it’s worth every one of the 5* I give it.” – Sue Hancock (Goodreads Review)

“This book was one amazing read that kept me totally enthralled as I turned the pages of this must read story! The plot was so well planned and fleshed out with characters that were so well created with such great detail and depth that I remained totally captivated as the story developed between Amaya and Carson!” – Pat (Goodreads Review)

“You’re scaring me with that look, Carson,” she murmured, breaking our eye contact. “You look like you want to devour me whole.”

Because I fucking did. I wanted to eat her mouth, lick her pussy until she was hoarse from screaming, and then sink into her tight heat and make her mine all over again.

Shaking my head, I dislodged those primal, possessive thoughts … until later, and went back to the task of making her feel good and distracting her from her foul mood after running into Stinky Cheese Bree.

I waggled my finger over her clit a couple more times, loving that she met my movements with hip thrusts of her own. Our eyes locked again, but what stared back at me was a need so powerful I had to adjust my cock in my jeans for fear of getting a permanent bend in my favorite body part.

Not that Amaya wasn’t good and thoroughly soaked already, I made sure she was dripping, before I slid one, and then two fingers inside her, pressing my thumb to her swollen clit and moving it back and forth in a way I remember she loved.

“Dear God, Carson,” she said on a strangled moan, her eyes now slammed shut and the bottom lip of her fuckable mouth clenched tight between her teeth, so much so the skin was turning white. “Yes …”

“Yes, what?” I demanded, surprised at how hoarse my voice came out.

“If you make me say Daddy, I will ram my foot into your dick so fucking fast.” She bent her knee and nudged my crotch with her heel in a warning, which made a chuckle roll through me as I curled my fingers inside her and pressed on her G-spot. “Holy fuck.” She arched her back and straightened her leg again, forgetting all about her threat to kick me in the dick.

“I want you to scream for me, Vixen. Burst my fucking eardrums. We know you can. Take all of that rage, all of that tension that’s been making your shoulders kiss your ears and breathe it out into the fucking world. Let it go … Elsa.”

She popped one eye open, calling me an idiot with just a look. I grinned at her cheekily.

But she quickly closed that eye again and continued to writhe on the bench seat of my truck, bucking up into my hand, pushing her pussy further down on my fingers, and reminding me just why this woman had become the closest thing I’d ever had to an addiction.
A Canadian West Coast baby born and raised, Whitley is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two beautiful daughters and a fluffy dog. She spends her days making food that gets thrown on the floor, vacuuming Cheerios out from under the couch and making sure that the dog food doesn’t end up in the air conditioner. But when nap time comes, and it’s not quite wine o’clock, Whitley sits down, avoids the pile of laundry on the couch, and writes.
A lover of all things decadent; wine, cheese, chocolate and spicy erotic romance, Whitley brings the humorous side of sex, the ridiculous side of relationships and the suspense of everyday life into her stories. With single dads, firefighters, Navy SEALs, mommy wars, body issues, threesomes, bondage and role-playing, Whitley’s books have all the funny and fabulously filthy words you could hope for.
Ember Leigh has been writing erotic romance novels since she was far too young. A native of northern Ohio, she currently resides near Lake Erie with her Argentinean husband, where they run an Argentinian-American food truck and wrangle two wild boys.

Title: Hiding from the Truth
Series: Finding the Truth Series
Author: A.B. Medley
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Small Town
Release Date: August 16, 2022
Cover Design: Cover Me Darling (Marisa Wesley)
Secrets don’t keep.
Lucy’s are life-changing and dangerous.
Her darkest one is an abusive ex who will stop at nothing to control her, leaving only a smoking ember of who she used to be.
She thinks she’s alone in the battle to get her life back.
Then she meets Tate.
The one man who seems to tear down every defense she’s built around her heart.
The problem is…he doesn’t want a relationship and she wants it all.
Tate’s no stranger to secrets, but he’s content until he meets her.
At first sight, he’s enamored by Lucy.
But the more he discovers, the deadlier her truth becomes.
Now he’s determined to keep her safe whether she wants his help or not.
Suddenly— the ice around his heart is melting, leaving him helpless to fight his feelings for her.
Can they overcome their pasts and the real danger they face to give love a fighting chance, or will they keep hiding from the truth?
A.B. Medley lives in Tennessee with the love of her life and two sons. Her husband stole her heart when she was sixteen and their relationship is one of those meant to be love stories you find in magazines and novels.
She is a dental hygienist who loves to read and has always dabbled in writing. When she’s not making people’s smiles shine, she enjoys belting out songs with her boys, dancing, raspberries, baseball, and anything vintage. Like any proper Tennessean, Sundrop is her drink of choice.
She loves her family and friends fiercely and believes in always chasing your dreams.
Deception in the Truth is her debut novel—but now she’s hooked, and there’s more to come.
Title: An Unexpected Turn
Author: Stephanie Rose
Genre: Small Town Romance, Single Dad Romance
Release Date: August 12, 2022
Cover Design: Qamber Designs
Photography: Regina Wamba

Verve Romance ~ “Crazy hot, super sweet, and with one of the most rewarding epilogues I’ve ever read, An Unexpected Turn was an absolute joy to read.

Booklover Judy Lynn ~ “There are some hot and steamy times, some very romantic and swoon-worthy moments, and times filled with heart-warming emotion.”

Pages with Payten ~ “the white hot chemistry between Peyton and Jake is undeniable”

Kristina Hearts Books ~ “If the age gap, forbidden elements, small town vibe, and real adult communication weren’t enough the heat is sizzling between Peyton and Jake!”

After a risky affair cost me my self-respect, my credibility, and almost my job, I jump at the guidance counselor position that opens up in Uncle Keith’s small town. He’s the only father I’ve ever really known and the one I can turn to—even when I can’t tell him why.
No one here knows what a mess I am, and this clean slate seems perfect. At least until I run into my old crush, who’s only gotten better looking with age.
I won’t be another man’s dirty little secret, even if that crush I had as a teenager blossomed into something much more—something I can’t face.
Reasons Why Absolutely Nothing Can Happen Between Us:
1. Jake is the single dad of one of my new students.
2. Age gap. Age gap. Age gap.
3. He’s my uncle’s best friend.
I didn’t realize the curvy brunette I flirted with outside my son’s school was my buddy’s sweet, shy niece, all grown-up now. I know better than to get involved.
My marriage crumbled, leaving me and my son with damage we’re still repairing. The last thing I need is to start something with someone fourteen years younger. Did I mention she’s the police chief’s surrogate daughter?
I’m old enough to know better, but I can’t keep my hands off her. I never expected to fall this hard. Even though it’s all wrong, nothing has ever felt this right.
Author’s Note: This deliciously scandalous, small-town, single dad standalone includes steamy times in front of a kitchen sink, a hot new use for a chocolate ice cream cone, and an alpha cinnamon-roll hero who’s very good with his hands.
Stephanie Rose is a badass New Yorker, a wife, a mother, and lover of all things chocolate. Most days you’ll find her trying to avoid standing on discarded LEGO or deciding which book to read next. Her debut novel, Always You, released in 2015, and since then she’s written several more—some of which will never see completion—and has ideas for hundreds to come.

Title: In All My Wishes
Author: Ciara Knight
Genre: Small Town Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Escape with this second chance, small-town romance. 

At the age of fifteen, Anna Baker was ripped from her childhood home, and her one true love, vowing to return the minute she graduated high school. 

Professor Liam Harrow once believed his childhood sweetheart would return home to him, but during college, he faced reality and hardened his heart to love. 

When Historic Hall faces demolition, both Anna and Liam search for options to save their childhood memories, but when secrets unravel and the truth of Anna’s childhood departure is revealed, it could corrupt their memories, risk their present, and destroy their future.

Ciara is a USA Today, Amazon Bestselling and award-winning author of heartwarming, small-town contemporary and historical romances. 

Her contemporary stories are hailed as “Hallmark movie-worthy.” The popular Sweetwater County series takes readers into a southern town filled with family trials, friendly competition, and community love.

 Author Links:

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Title: Coming Home
Series: Mountain Grove Book 1
Author: C.B. Noy
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Small Town Romance, Instalove Romance
Release Date: September 6, 2022
Cover Design: Jena Bignola
What happened to my perfect life? Ok perfect wasn’t the right word, but I was happy…ish. When my world imploded, I decided to go back to the place my parents had once called home. Mountain Grove, Maryland. I needed to feel some kind of a connection to them, to find the missing pieces of my shattered existence. So I packed up my meager possessions and left Miami in the dust. Everything was going according to plan until one accident and one pair of incredible green eyes managed to calm the raging storm that surrounded me. I was in so much trouble.
Being the Chief of Police in Mountain Grove had its ups and downs. I had a great family, a job I loved, and a town full of people to safeguard. But I was coasting through life, searching for something I didn’t know existed. Until that night. The moment I saw those beautiful blues, my world shifted on its axis. She was mine. Loving her was the easiest thing I’d ever done, and keeping her safe was a challenge I didn’t hesitate to accept.

C.B.Noy was born and raised in Northern Maryland and decided it was a great place to raise a family. She and her husband live ten minutes from the house she grew up in with the two youngest of their five kids. Rounding out the family are their two dogs and two cats. For nine years, she was a nurse in the ICU and then transitioned to home health nursing five years ago. She is an avid reader of romance and had an idea for a book one weekend. With the help of some seriously awesome and amazing friends, and the support of her family, the Mountain Grove series was born.

Title: Summer Swoon
Series: Summers in Seaside Collection #6
Author: Tina Gallagher
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 25, 2022
She couldn’t write a romance this complicated if she tried…
I need a change of scenery.
My creativity—and my belief in happily ever after—dried up after my divorce. That’s problematic for someone who writes love stories for a living.
The small town of Seaside might be the perfect place to recharge. Finding a romance of my own, however, is not on the agenda. Especially not with the sexy handyman who is not only ten years younger than me, but also used to be the Hollywood star my daughter idolized.
Too bad his forbidden status only makes me want him more…
I left Hollywood in my rearview years ago and never looked back.
No one in Seaside cares about my past. So, I’m content here. Everything is easy. Simple.
Until Eve Reese shows up.
She’s everything I never knew I needed, and I’ll do whatever it takes to convince her we’re meant to be together. No worries, right?
I wish…


Chapter 1




         I stared at the blinking cursor, praying for divine intervention to drop words into my head. Obviously not just any words. Wonderful words. Magical words. Or at least words my readers won’t give a one-star review.

         My cell vibrated, giving me a reason to tear my eyes away from the blank page. I smiled as my favorite aunt’s face filled the screen.

         “Aunt Winnie. How was the yoga retreat?”

         “It was wonderful. The villa was absolutely beautiful and I felt such an amazing connection to all the attendees.”

         “I’m glad you enjoyed yourself.”

         “I truly did. There’s nothing like getting away from your normal space. It really helps recenter and rejuvenate,” she said.

         “Your normal space is pretty great, but I suppose it still doesn’t compare to Tuscany.”

         “Seaside is lovely but it’s nice to visit other parts of the world from time to time. There’s a different energy everywhere and it’s so healthy to experience and absorb it.”

         Aunt Winnie is what my grandmother called a hippy-dippy. After graduating high school, she hopped into a Volkswagen Vanagon with five other people, hit the road, and lived like a nomad. She eventually settled in the idyllic town of Seaside, Oregon. And despite the fact she lived across the country from me, we managed to form a deep bond through her annual visits, phone calls, and a lot of letters.

“I should join you next time. A yoga retreat in Tuscany may be what I need to get myself straightened out.”

“Oh honey, are you still having trouble writing?”   

I nodded, even though she can’t see.

“I’ve been a writer for the better part of a decade and yet, for the past three years, the words just won’t come. It’s like I forgot how to write. What’s wrong with me?”

“You’ve experienced trauma and need to give yourself time to heal from that.”

“The divorce was final three years ago. I should be healed by now.”

“Hmmm, maybe,” she said. “If you actually dealt with what happened.”

“I think I dealt with it pretty well. As soon as I found out John was cheating, I told him I wanted a divorce. I even went back to using my maiden name once it was final. Not to mention how I stepped out of my comfort zone and started taking pole dance fitness classes. I’m in better shape than I was at eighteen. Plus, I’ve made some amazing friends.”

“That’s all wonderful dear, but it doesn’t mean you’ve mentally sorted through it all or let it go,” she pointed out. “And the divorce isn’t the only trauma you’ve experienced. Grace graduated college then moved to England to pursue her master’s degree. That’s a big change for a parent.”

“I agree, the divorce and Grace moving across the pond were both big changes. But I honestly don’t think either of those are my issue.”

“Then what is?”

“I wish I knew.”

Thankfully I had some books stockpiled so my publishing schedule hasn’t totally

stopped, just slowed down a bit. But the last of my reserves is releasing next month, so if I don’t write something else soon, I don’t know what I’ll do.

         “I have an idea,” Aunt Winnie said. “Why don’t you come here for an extended visit?”

         “I appreciate that, but I don’t think I can.”

         “Why on Earth not?”

         “I really need to get at least one book done and I don’t write well on vacation.”

         “Everly, you haven’t written well for the past three years and you haven’t gone anywhere.”

“Uh oh, using my full name. You must be serious.”

“I am serious,” she said. “A change of scenery might be just what you need. Plan on staying for the summer.”

Honestly, there’s no reason for me not to go. The only thing I’ll be leaving behind is pole class. I’ll miss my pole peeps, but it’s only for a few months. If there’s a chance it will help my words flow again, I’ll take it. Plus, it will be good to visit Aunt Winnie. We haven’t seen each other in person since Grace’s college graduation last year.

“Thanks Aunt Winnie. I’ll book a flight and let you know when I’ll be there.”





         “Let me help you with that, Pop,” I said. “Why didn’t you wait for me?”

         “I’m not an invalid. I’ve been unloading my own truck since before you were born.”

         Which is exactly why he shouldn’t be doing it by himself. Instead of saying that and starting an argument, I emptied the last few items out of the truck. I watched my grandfather limp around to the passenger side and pull his toolbox out of the back seat.

         “I can handle this if your gout is acting up.”

         “I’m fine,” he grumbled. “Besides, this is a two-man job.”

         “It’ll be easier with two, but I can handle it on my own if you need to rest.”

“Ach, I’ll rest when I’m dead.”

It seems like he’s pretty grumpy this morning so I let the subject drop. The man is seventy-three years old. He’s not going to change his ways at this point.

I grabbed a hammer and pry bar out of my toolbox and walked over to start the demo. The small deck we’re replacing is in pretty bad shape, so it didn’t take too long to dismantle.

Pop stood off to the side and watched as I knocked down the rest of the deck. His foot must really be bothering him because he’s never one to just observe, he’s usually right in the action showing me how to do it the “right way.”

Once I had the whole thing torn apart, I tossed the old wood into the bed of my pickup and joined Pop over by the pile of new material.

“I hope this scheme of yours works. Otherwise, we’re gonna be in the hole on this job. My quotes don’t leave enough room for us to spend double on material.”

We usually cut all the material on site, but I suggested we start doing at least some of it  in Pop’s workshop and bring it with us instead. This is a small project, so it seemed like a good one to try my way. Surprisingly, he agreed without too much complaint.

“If it doesn’t work, I’ll pay for new material out of my own pocket.”

“I forgot you have those Hollywood big bucks and don’t have to worry about sticking to a budget.”

Ignoring the jab, I picked up my toolbelt and snapped it into place. Pop generally isn’t a ray of sunshine, but he’s usually in a better mood than this. The best thing I can do is get to work and finish this job early so he can go home and rest.

We worked side by side and got the flooring and steps done in record time. Thankfully all the cut pieces fit with minimal tweaking.

“Let’s take a break,” I said. “I’m starving.”

One thing I’ve learned through the years working with Pop is that he’ll keep going until a job is done. But if I stop, he’ll stop. So I make it a point to at least break for a drink to ensure he stays hydrated.

I ran to my truck and grabbed the cooler out of the back seat and joined Pop on the newly-constructed steps. Reaching inside, I handed him a bottle of water and a ham and cheese sandwich.

“Winnie Everly called last night. Her porch steps are loose and she needs a window in her studio replaced. Do you think you can handle that Saturday?”

That could explain some of his mood today, too. He and Winnie have been circling around each other since I moved here twelve years ago, and probably a couple decades before that too. I have no idea why they don’t just get together. They’re not getting any younger.


“I’d do it myself, but I have that meeting with the festival planning committee.” He took a bite of his sandwich and chewed. “That shouldn’t take too long though so maybe I can take care of Winnie’s projects in the afternoon instead of having you do it.”

“I don’t have any plans for Saturday, so it’s no problem.”

“Guess I better take you up on that now because once the festival starts, you’ll probably be busy.” He grunted and shook his head. “You’re thirty-three. Time to start settling down instead of just fooling around, don’t you think?”

I’ll admit that for the first few years I lived here, I was very busy during festival season. Vacationing women were perfect for what I was looking for at the time. Namely no-strings sex and for them to leave when it was over. And even though I haven’t done that in a long time, Pop still brings it up every year.

The truth is, I’d settle down tomorrow if I found the right woman, but no one in Seaside fits that description. Maybe someday.

Welcome to Summers in Seaside, a small town located along the Oregon Coast and home of the Seaside Festival. This brand new series of short contemporary romance stories is filled with sun, sand and summer adventures that will tug at your heart strings.

As a tween, Tina Gallagher and her best friend would create happily ever afters for their favorite soap opera couples. Eventually, the soap operas lost their appeal, but the writing never did.

Before living her dream as a full-time author, she worked a spectrum of jobs ranging from baking and cake decorating to marketing and project management.

In between creating memorable characters, traveling, and taking pole dance lessons, Tina enjoys spending time with her handyman husband, two grown children, and a Golden Irish named Thea.