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Title: Staking His Claim
Series: Men in Charge Series Book 2
Author: Tory Baker
Genre: Small Town Romance, Brother’s Best Friend Romance
Release Date: March 26, 2023
Cover Photo: TGTRN Photo
I want the one woman I should never touch.
Tulsa Rose has gone through hell and back.
We have a complicated history, becoming her guardian after a family tragedy is only the tip of the iceberg.
I sent her away.
It was the right thing to do, even if she felt like I turned my back on her.
The truth is, she was a temptation I couldn’t have.
She was way too young.
Now she’s home, ten years later.
I want her more now than I ever did.
Too bad she hates me.
It doesn’t matter.
I’m not walking away from her again.
She belongs to me, she always has.
I’m staking my claim once and for all.
This is the second book in the Men in Charge series, each book will be a complete stand alone, the common denominator? An alpha Hero, a man that goes after what he wants, a guaranteed happily ever after, and of course steamy romance!


Tory Baker is a mom of two teenagers and a dog mom to one wild and active Weimaraner, Remi. She lives in a small coastal town on the east coast of sunny Florida. Oftentimes you’ll find her outside soaking up the rays with at least three drinks surrounding her, a wandering imagination, and a notebook in hand where she’s jotting down a plot for her next story. She’s a lover of writing happily ever afters with Alpha heroes and sassy heroines.


Title: Renner
Series: Knights Corruption MC Series – Laredo, Book 2
Author: S. Nelson
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 27, 2023

“This series is heating up my friends…wow! Exciting, funny at times and totally sexy, Renner is a fantastic read. Renner and Emmy are a great couple, loved getting to watch their story unfold. Excellent addition to the series, can’t wait for more!” ★★★★★ Goodreads Review – Cris

“Oh my goodness! Renner and Emmy’s story is fabulous! It’s intense, definitely steamy and edge of your seat exciting. And Colton, that kid has completely stolen my heart.” ★★★★★ Goodreads Review – GKP2460

Since my divorce, women have served a solitary purpose for me. The last thing I needed in my life was the headache of a relationship. I had no time or energy for anyone other than my son and my club.
But when a chance encounter with my son’s teacher turned into something I didn’t expect, I tossed aside all my reservations and took a chance.
I should’ve kept my distance.
I should’ve listened when she told me she had doubts about us, suspicions which she was yet to find out were justified, and let her walk away.
When our situation with the club heated up, posing a threat to everyone I knew, I could’ve convinced myself being without her was the best choice.
But I was selfish and refused to picture my life without her.
Will my decision to keep her close put her further in danger, exposing her to a life she never asked for?
And would she be able to find it in her heart to forgive me if my fear ever came true?

Title: Payoff Pitch

Series: Venom Baseball Series Book 1
Author: Kaylee Rose
Release: March 25, 2023
Genre: Contemporary Sports Romance/Second Chance Romance
Publisher: Red’s Bookshelf Publishing
Cover Model: Marcel Pospiech

Whoever said out of sight, out of mind must be crazy.
There wasn’t a day since I left that I didn’t think about her.
As much as I wanted to stay with her in Boulder City, it was never an option.
Caroline had big dreams of becoming a chef, and I’d just signed my rookie contract.
It was the chance of a lifetime for both of us.
After years of no contact, I’d assumed I’d lost her for good, but when I injured my pitching arm, I was given a second chance to right the wrongs from the past.
This is my last chance and the biggest payoff pitch of my life.

How quickly we’ve fallen back into old ways surprises me. Maybe I’ll be able to pull off being just friends after all.

“Now, go take a shower while I make lunch.” I clap my hands and rub them together like a mad scientist. “Where do I begin?” Kathy did a fantastic job stocking this refrigerator with all sorts of gourmet foods. I run through a recipe in my head that I think Micha will like and will work with the ingredients on hand.

“Caroline.” Micha’s deep voice close to my ear makes me jump.

“Damn it.” Lost in my thoughts, I hadn’t heard him approach. I clutch my chest. “You scared the crap out of me.”

“Sorry.” His brow furrows like he’s struggling with something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong…” He pauses like he’s carefully considering his words, then leans closer and whispers, “…I’m glad you’re here.”

And just like that, the friendly back and forth we had a few seconds ago is obliterated. I’m pulled back to when kissing and exploring each other’s bodies were a regular part of our lives.

The air is thick with sexual tension and no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the energy to look away.

His gaze lands on my lips.

I resist the urge to lick them and draw in a staggered breath. My hands find their way to rest on his hips while my legs turn to jelly.

His blue eyes look deep into mine.

Is he going to kiss me? Do I want him to kiss me? Should I kiss him?

Kaylee Rose is a mother, sports fan, and contemporary romance author looking to stretch her creative muscles and explore other genres.
Inspired by her husband’s law enforcement career and her passion for the written word, Kaylee began to pen her novels as an escape from the rigors of everyday life. She admits that teaching herself the craft of writing has been a challenging but wonderful journey and is just the creative outlet she needs. Writing time is her time, and she protects the hard-won moments fiercely.
Kaylee’s award-winning series, The Weight of the Badge, was written after she attended required law enforcement classes with her husband. The seminars focused on the stress a first responder faces daily, how it affects their lives both on and off the job and the continually growing number of law enforcement suicides. With her books and experience married to a law enforcement officer, Kaylee found herself armed with the perfect platform to use her voice and subtly spread the statistics others may not know. Kaylee Rose is passionate about sharing sexy stories with an important message mixed in.
As a mom of four boys and a competitive streak of her own, Kaylee spent over twenty years coaching youth sports.
Kaylee’s husband is her biggest supporter, believing in her even when she can not, and writing love stories comes naturally to her after falling in love with him at first sight.
Kaylee has teamed up with best-selling author Zane Michaelson for her first extra-steamy co-write, Hot in the City.
Keep your eyes out for future collaborations from this writing duo.

Title: Hearts Reclaimed
Series: Ardor Creek  Book 1
Author: Ayla Asher
Genre: Steamy Small Town Romance
Two weary souls find each other against all odds…
Ashlyn Rivers left her cheating fiancé behind and moved to Ardor Creek to revamp her life. Done with men in general, she has plenty to focus on, like building her new business and renovating her house for the local haunted homes tour. Falling in love is definitely not on the agenda.
Scott Grillo lost his family in a tragic accident several years ago. Still processing the loss, he throws himself into his contracting business, pushing away the loneliness and heartache.
When Ashlyn blazes into Scott’s life, he turns down her request to renovate her house, vowing to squelch the desire she stirs deep inside. But Ashlyn is a force to be reckoned with and Scott finds himself longing for her embrace each day she remains in Ardor Creek.
Can these two disillusioned souls reclaim their hearts and choose to love again?
Welcome to Ardor Creek, the small Pennsylvania town where love is in the air! If you like a grumpy hero, a feisty heroine and steamy romance, this book is your jam. The main character is a widower who discusses the loss of his family so please take note of this before reading. Settle in and fall in love with Ardor Creek today!

Ayla Asher is the contemporary romance pen name for USA Today bestselling PNR author Rebecca Hefner. She loves a spicy, fast-paced contemporary romance and decided to share some of her contemporary stories too, hoping to spread a little joy one HEA at a time.
She would love to connect with you on social media, where she enjoys making dorky TikToks, FB/IG posts and fun book trailers!

Title: Embrace the Suck
Series: an OPS Protector Romance Book 8
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Protector Romance
Release Date: April 24, 2023
Cover Design: T.E. Black Designs
Photographer: Reggie Deanching RplusM Photography
Cover Model: BT Urruela

Embrace The Suck is book 8 in the OPS Protector Romance series and should be read in order.

I should have just stayed home.

I thought I could get away and relax.
But that was scrapped the first day when Dash and FNG followed me on vacation.
It was supposed to be a trip to reset my brain.
To get away from all the women flooding work, desperate to be involved and blow stuff up, throw knives, and eat shawarma with the resident psychopath.

But they weren’t the worst part of the trip.

No, that would be the woman that shouldn’t have ever stepped foot in a desert.
Whining and complaining were not supposed to happen on this trip.
But it did.
I should not have had to fight off a rabbit in a yurt.
But I did.
And that bighorn sheep…

But that was only the beginning of the worst vacation known to man.
Then there were bullets, enemies coming from all directions, and the sexiest, most annoying woman directly in the center of it.
And I had to protect her.

They say vacation is fun.
They’ve never been on one with her.
I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.


Title: The Devil’s Hand: Monk (High Stakes, #2)
Author: Shilo West
Genre: Billionaire Romance
Publisher: Crave Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: Mar. 27th, 2023
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


Something is wrong…


It’s not like I didn’t see it coming. From the moment I saw Juno, I knew. There was no loving her without loving danger.


Sal told me not to let her out of my sight, but I did. I told myself it would be okay. Even as I watched her wave to me from the ferry the last time I saw her. I could feel it, I could feel it in my chest, something was coming for us.


By the time Juno’s texts stopped, I had already called Sal and he told me what I needed to do. I knew he was right, but it didn’t make it any easier.


If I really wanted to find Juno, I needed to reach into my past.


The past was hell to me, and hell is a place I don’t like to revisit. But without those connections, finding Juno would be nearly impossible.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and I was well aware I was about to walk straight into the flames.


I prepared myself to do something I never thought I would do. To make a call I never imagined I’d be making. I searched carefully for the words I’d need to say.


Shilo West is the author of the High Stakes series. She loves to write mafia/billionaire adventure type romances. Lucky enough to live in Maui with her dog and fiancée, when she’s not writing, she loves hanging out at the beach or hiking.


Keep up with the latest updates & sneak peeks here ~

Author Links:
Goodreads | Amazon | Bookbub | Reader Group

Title: Murder in Mystic Hills
Author: Chris Cannon
Genre: Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Cover Designer: Best Page Forward
Publication Date: March 27th, 2023
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


All she wants is a break from adulting… then she rediscovers a world that’s been wiped from her memory.


Preschool teacher Belinda Harbinger’s summer vacation is going off the rails.  After receiving a letter stating she’s inherited a tearoom and home, she’s shocked it’s from a beloved aunt she can’t remember… who could speak to the dead. And finding out she has the same power, it’s up to her to solve her mysterious relative’s murder.


Moving to the mystical town, Belinda takes up with a talking cat Familiar and learns she’s the only one who can help her aunt cross over before she becomes a vengeful spirit. But while searching the house for her lost memories, she faces heated magical politics, fresh bodies popping up, and a hidden evil threatening to make her the next victim.


Not knowing who to trust, can she expose a killer and rescue everyone from deadly plays for power?


Murder in Mystic Hills is the spellbinding first book in the Mysteries of Mystic Hills cozy paranormal series. If you like feline sidekicks, quirky characters, and winding trails of clues, then you’ll love Chris Cannon’s humorous hunt for justice.

Chris Cannon is a speech therapist by day and the award-winning author of

the Going Down In Flames series, the Boyfriend Chronicles, the Dating

Dilemma series, and The Crossroads Chronicles by night. She lives in

Southern Illinois with her husband and several furry beasts.

She believes coffee is the Elixir of Life. Most evenings after work, you can

find her sipping coffee while writing fire-breathing urban fantasies,sweet snarky romantic comedies, or paranormal cozy mysteries. You can find her online at


Author Links:


Title: The Royal Bastards MC Tampa Chapter Boxset The Complete Series

Author: K E Osborn
Genre: MC Romance
Release Date: March 20, 2023
Cover Design: Designs by Dana
This MC boxset is packed to the brim with everything you’re searching for—anti-heroes, sassy-mouthed heroines, enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, a single mom, and don’t forget to throw in some ex-military men and all the spice you can handle.
What if the very reason for your club’s existence was put to the test? And everything is thrown into turmoil because your president suddenly changes the game plan.
The captured will become captivated.
The innocent will be corrupted.
The hidden will outshine them all.
And those in the dark will find true comfort.
The Tampa Royal Bastards are not merely one percenters—they’re a family, even when their loyalties are tested. And don’t forget the old ladies who handle their own repeatedly. The strength, allegiance, and unwavering love shine through time and time again.
With so many pages of heart-pumping, adrenaline-fueled MC romance, you won’t be able to put down this exclusive boxset, containing the complete four-book Tampa Royal Bastard MC series, which includes:
Defining Darkness – Book 1
Luring Light – Book 2
Seeking Shadows – Book 3
Alluring Abyss – Book 4
Settle on the sofa, or relax in bed, get comfortable with your Kindle, and hunker down for the long haul, because once you start reading these alpha men and sassy women, you won’t be able to put them down.

I stand back watching the way his muscles flex, moving with the weight of the bags, and I can’t help but be affected by how fucking good he looks. The guy is a walking libido kick. His brown hair is spiked up roughly, his luminous green eyes, with those alluring flecks of gold draw me in. His boyishly handsome face is still somehow rugged with his five o’clock shadow. And don’t even get me started on how fucking sexy his nose ring and his sleeve of tattoos make him. It gives him that bad boy edge that screams at me to stay away, but it’s also the very thing that is drawing me to him. He’s sex personified as I stand here staring at him.
Placing the final bag into the trunk, he turns and lifts up his shirt, wiping a bead of sweat from his brow. My eyes instinctively duck down to catch a glimpse of the sculptured abs beneath his shirt, and I clench my thighs together at the Adonis standing before me.
Sweet baby Jesus.

​​With a flair for all things creative, International Bestselling Author K E Osborn, is drawn to the written word. Exciting worlds and characters flow through her veins, coming to life on the page as she laughs, cries, and becomes enveloped in the storyline right along with you. She’s entirely at home when writing sassy heroines and alpha males that rise from the ashes of their pasts.
K E Osborn comforts herself with tea and Netflix, after all, who doesn’t love a good binge?
Explosive. Addictive. Romance. at

Title: Bleeding Chaos
Series: Love & Lyrics
Author: Nikki Ash
Release: March 23, 2023
Genre: Friends to Lovers, Rock Star Romance

I lost my first love. This time, I’m going to win the second girl who owns my heart—no matter the stakes.
Being the drummer for Raging Chaos is the only thing that’s kept me going for the past six years. Even the music isn’t enough to drown out the guilt that’s been suffocating me since what happened to Tori.
When Sadie storms into my life, ripping through my trepidations, sorrows, and bitterness, I can’t help but wonder if she could be my second chance.
I could love her, but in order to do that, I have to stop hating myself first.
Easier said than done. Before I have the chance to mend this broken heart, I push Sadie away and hit rock bottom.
The next time I see her, she has a baby. And if that’s not hurtful enough, it’s not just any baby.
It’s my baby.
Bleeding hearts can still beat. I’m living proof of that.
At first, Gage was just someone to take away the pain—until I realized he was battling demons of his own.
I never meant to get too close to the devil with the drumsticks, but once I did, he shoved me out of his life with a force.
My heart might be cracked, but his is completely broken. And trying to save him would destroy us both.
So, I do the right thing and I walk away—not only to protect me but also our unborn baby.
I had no idea who Gage was to the world when I slipped into his bed. Now that I’m out of it, it’s clear he’ll have to clean up his act before he’s father material.
But then we meet again, and I’m reminded of the man he could be.
The man he was born to be, before tragedy struck and the chaos left his heart barely beating.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Like real life, the characters are far from perfect, make morally gray decisions, and deal with subjects that may be sensitive for some readers. If you are looking for a safe romance, this series is not for you. Trigger warnings (which contain spoilers) can be found on my website.
★★★★★ Controlled Chaos Review – “Do not start this series if you plan to go to bed anytime soon . You fall in love with the characters and you can’t stop turning pages, one of the best series I’ve ever read.”
★★★★★ Silent Chaos Review – “This book broke my heart and mended it at the same time.”
★★★★★ Total Chaos Review – “Wow! This book was so much more than what I was expecting. I am loving the Love & Lyrics series….”
★★★★★ Bleeding Chaos Review – “By far the most emotively consuming, and thus perhaps most the rewarding, of the Love and Lyrics world. Bleeding Chaos will break your heart- but it will also heal it too.”

Series: Thorns of Omertà Duet

Titles: Thorns of Lust & Thorns of Love
Author: Eva Winners
Genre: Mafia Romance, Suspense, Dark Romance
Thorns of Love releases March 24th

A Complete Duet – The story of Tatiana Nikolaev!
My husband.
His secrets.
Our tragedy.
I thought I knew him. I didn’t. I thought he was trustworthy. He wasn’t.
But nothing in this world is as it seems.
I caught the attention of the most notorious man in the underworld.
Konstantin wasn’t the type to be ignored. He commanded his criminal empire with an iron fist but he had secrets of his own.
But I was Tatiana Nikolaev. I’d never bend to a man’s will or be used as a pawn. Not again.
The moment I tempted the fates and played with fire, life spiraled out of control.
My only way of survival was to trust again.
But could I?
*This is a complete duet.*

“Just like anything Eva Winners writes, this story of Tatiana and Illia’s is just perfection!” ☆☆☆☆☆ j.bee.reads

“Absolutely mesmerizing story! Eva Winners delivered an unexpected storyline full of twists, secrets and emotions that pulls you in and holds you captive.” ☆☆☆☆☆ Wendy K.

Eva Winners released her first novel Second Chance At Love in 2020 and has been writing vigorously ever since. She writes about everlasting romance for every century focusing on characters emotional development and always guarantees an HEA.
She loves yoga, wine and her kiddos. In her spare time, she seeks adventures either hiking through trails or exploring the beaches.
Writing books has always been her passion and she brings real life to the forefront in everything she writes about.
Deeply passionate characters and stories will draw you in and you’ll never want to leave.
Follow her on social media to stay up to date with all her new releases!