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Title: Stalked by Santa
Author: Gemini Black
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2022
He sees you when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.
This used to be an innocent rhyme when I was a kid about a jolly old guy who brings you gifts. Now it’s a sinister message from my stalker who plans to bring me pain.
I see him lurking in the shadows, watching me. Always watching me. I’d find him sexy as sin if he wasn’t so terrifying.
The only wish on my Christmas list this year is to make it through to my vacation on Christmas Eve unharmed by my stalker. But I guess that depends on whether I can stay on his good list or not…

Title: Secret Santa
Author: Deanna Wadsworth
Genre: MM Christmas Erotica
Release Date: November 15, 2022
It’s Christmas Eve and Adam has a special gift for his boyfriend—himself, wrapped in a big red bow.
Blindfolded and ready for a magical holiday night, Adam anxiously waits for his boyfriend to come and unwrap him. Just when he thinks their date has been forgotten, the door bursts open and his lover arrives. They have the best sex of Adam’s life, but afterward his man disappears before Adam can catch his breath or even remove the blindfold.
Left with only the memory of a passionate kisses kiss, a mysterious Santa hat, and a tray of half-eaten cookies, Adam soon discovers his lover was not who he thought it was…
Adam expelled his breath in relief. He hadn’t realized how hard his blood had been pounding just then. He had no clue why Paul was so late, but he didn’t really care. He was here now. Tremors of gratitude and anticipation rippled down his spine, prickling the skin with goosebumps. The scent of something unexpectedly wonderful he couldn’t identify still lingered near him, and he wondered if Kathy had bought new candles.
“I’m glad you’re here. Hold on.” Adam hastily repositioned his elbows on the edge of the couch and spread his legs wide, once again sticking his ass up in the air. The self-imposed vulnerability made his stomach tremble, and his dick snapped back to attention.
Damn, it had been too long since they’d fucked.
“Merry Christmas, baby,” Adam said in a low, husky tone. He shifted a little, just to tease. “Wanna open your present?”
Paul didn’t respond with his usual cocky quip, rather he let out a low groan that sounded almost painful. Adam’s head jerked toward the fireplace in shock at the closeness of his lover’s voice. Paul was already standing beside him?
“Jeez,” he chuckled. “You’re quick when you’re horny.”
Another soft moan was the only reply.
Deanna Wadsworth might be a bestselling erotica author, but she leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her wonderful husband and a couple adorable cocker spaniels. She has been spinning tales and penning stories since childhood, and her first erotic novella was published in 2010. When she isn’t writing books or brainstorming with friends, you can find her making people gorgeous in a beauty salon. She loves music and dancing, and can often be seen hanging out on the sandbar in the muddy Maumee River or chilling with her hubby and a cocktail in their basement bar. In between all that fun, Deanna cherishes the quiet times when she can let her wildly active imagination have the full run of her mind. Her fascination with people and the innerworkings of their relationships have always inspired her to write romance with spice and love without boundaries.
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Title: Baking with Bryan
Author: Shyla Colt
Genre: Holiday Romance
Publication Date: Dec. 10th, 2022
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I’ve harbored feelings for Bryan for years but telling my male bestie always seemed like a recipe for disaster. A playboy with a reputation, Bryan’s never been interested in settling down. He’s changed with the death of his father. The time we spend together working on a Christmas gift for his mother is heating up more than the oven and making me believe we could be a batch made in heaven.


Nora’s always been the number one woman in my life. My secret keeper, she knows the side of me I show to few others. I’m ready to shed my past reputation, but small towns have long memories. Determined to prove myself, I’m making drastic changes and enlisting Nora to help smooth the past. I never counted on my hidden emotions catching up with me.

Will these old friends bake up love for Christmas?



USA Today Bestselling author Shyla Colt is a chaos wrangler, chronic crafter, and imaginary friend collector. The mom of two and a wife road trips with her weird brood when she’s not taking on a new hobby or bingeing on spooky podcasts and documentaries. She writes strong women with sass, plenty of nerdy tendencies, and the intriguing intense males who love them.

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 ★✩★ NEW RELEASE ★✩★

Holiday Shenanigans

A Romantic Comedy Anthology

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With the holidays rolling in, what sort of trouble can we get into?

Holidays are all about togetherness. There will be family get-togethers. Decorating the tree and singing along with every Christmas carol known to man. Remembering yesteryear. And don’t forget the family arguments over who gets the last piece of pie.

Come see what shenanigans the authors included in this collection bring to the table. Nothing is off limits in the name of Holiday cheer and shenanigans.

Holiday Shenanigans is a compilation of short stories guaranteed to make you laugh out loud—and possibly make your holiday season a little brighter.


The publisher’s proceeds from Holiday Shenanigans will be donated in their entirety to The Salvation Army. Please note that Holiday Shenanigans and its authors are not affiliated with or endorsed by The Salvation Army.

Participating Authors:

Barb Shuler & KA Graham

Maggie C Rose

Kinsey booth

Cata Ree

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Title: The Christmas Clause
Series: The Holidates Series
Author: S.A. Clayton
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance
Release Date: December 5, 2022
Cover Design: Cormar Covers
Signing up to be a rent-a-date was supposed to give me some extra cash for the holiday season, but it wasn’t supposed to match me with my father’s best friend, the one I kissed after his funeral and haven’t seen since. But the way his eyes darken when he sees me tells me it wasn’t by chance that we matched, and he remembers that kiss and wants more…so much more.
When I saw Lauren’s profile pop up on a rent-a-date app I knew it was fate. I’ve been thinking about her ever since she kissed me in her father’s office. I knew the feelings I had for this girl were real, but I ran. I ran away and have regretted it ever since.
Now that I’ve found her again I won’t let her go, no matter what comes our way…or who.



Chasing Serendipity Serial Anthology

By DL Gallie


Genre: Contemporary Romance | Second Chance | Holiday Romance | Serendipity

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


It was only meant to be a New Year’s kiss for Huxley and Kendall, but one kiss wasn’t enough.

Seven kisses was all it took for them to know they’d found their happily ever after.

It seemed simple enough, but fate kept pulling them apart.

They hoped to have forever, but they were about to find out, happily ever afters might only be for fairy tales.

This book is part of the Chasing Serendipity Serial Anthology.

About DL Gallie:

DL Gallie is from Queensland, Australia, but she’s lived in many different places all over the world. She currently resides in Gladstone with her husband and two kids. She and her husband have been together since she was sixteen, and although they drive each other crazy at times, she couldn’t imagine her life without him.

Shortly after her son was born, DL began reading again. With encouragement from her husband, she picked up the pen and started writing, and now the voices in her head won’t shut up.

DL enjoys listening to music, drinking white wine in the summer, red wine in the winter, and beer all year round. She’s also never been known to turn down a cocktail, especially a margarita.


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One Night Only

Part of Chasing Serendipity Series Anthology

By Rebecca Barber


Genre |Tropes: Holiday Themes | Romance | New Year’s | Second Chance

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Dylan and Harper had never met, but from the moment their eyes locked across the crowded party, the sparks were flying. Neither of them were looking for a relationship, it wasn’t on their radar.

They couldn’t promise each other more than one night.

So when Harper takes off on an unplanned road trip and hits car trouble, the last person she was expecting to be her knight in greasy flannel, was the same man who’d curled her toes all night long, and who she’d snuck away from before the sun had a chance to rise.

They promised each other one night only but the question was, could one night become more?

***This book is part of the Chasing Serendipity Serial Anthology.

About Rebecca Barber:

Rebecca is a clumsy, introverted, bubble bath loving, chocoholic who’d rather read a book than go shopping. And don’t even mention shoe shopping!

Rebecca is a lucky girl – one of four kids to schoolteacher parents. Wife to a football obsessed husband. Aunt to the most crazy/adorable little girls. And sister to two very determined sisters and one easy going brother.

Rebecca lives in Canberra Australia and spends way too many hours a day working the day job.

She is a book whore who can easily (and happily) read a book from start to finish in one sitting and spends her spare time writing.

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Title: A Very Shifter Holiday Boxed Set
Author: Sedona Venez
Genre: Shifter Romance, Holiday Romance
Publication Date: Nov. 26th, 2021
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Love growly shifters? Get this FREE boxed set! 

Lots of shifters in EVERY standalone book! Included: 


In the wilderness, love knows no bounds.

Bear-shifter Fergus is an alpha who specializes in the art of war. With danger lurking around every tree, it is his desire to capture the leader of a renegade wolf-shifter pack that drives him.

Until temptation arrives in the form of the captivating, feisty human Trinity. 


After being abducted from Earth by alien slavers, Ella is rescued by a hot alien warrior who flees with her into the hostile wilderness of his home planet. While he seems to want to protect her, the inability to communicate with her savior leaves Ella uncertain about where they stand and how she will manage to get home. 


Stormy lived her life in fear of falling in love. For the women in her family, it’s a death sentence for whoever holds their heart. Then, she met Knox.

Is the love between this bad boy rockstar and his curvy witch powerful enough to break her family’s dark curse? 


When Gunner returns home from war, he discovers that he can’t go back to the way things were. He now carries a dark secret that threatens to consume him, and if he doesn’t learn to control his inner beast, it will destroy any chance of happiness. 


Two gorgeous bear shifters, and one woman who gave up on the idea of true love a long time ago…

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Sedona Venez lives in New York City with her hot ex-military hubby–hooah–and their fur babies. She loves writing sizzling, sexy intricate stories about strong but broken characters who push limits, overcome their fears, and risk it all for love.
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A Man For The Holidays


Genre: MM

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Available on Kindle Unlimited


Spencer always regarded himself as a hopeless romantic. A boring, pathetic loser who gave up on dating and finding love for the holidays. For the past ten years, it’s just been him and his best friend, Paige.

Aside from the ‘loser’ status, Spencer also has an obsession. An obsession that would seem crazy, stupid, and even idiotic to everyone else, you know, all the ‘normal’ people. For Spencer though, this obsession is anything but normal, and he knows it.

Day after day he spends his time in a men’s clothing store, obsessing over Quinn. Quinn is a handsome, mysterious, and spectacular creation who Spencer knows absolutely nothing about, but finds himself extremely attracted to the guy.

There’s just one problem––Quinn is a mannequin.

All Spencer wants is a man. Someone to be with, shop with, sleep with, fall in love with, even if it’s just for the holidays. All he wants … is Quinn.

What he wasn’t expecting, however, was to find Quinn, the mannequin he’s been obsessing over, standing at his front door at midnight, two weeks before Christmas … as a real-life human being.

Is Quinn staying just for the holidays? Or will he and Spencer find their Happily Ever After that will last an eternity?

About J.O. Mantel:

J.O Mantel was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. As a child, J.O loved reading and his favourite authors included, Roald Dahl, Robin Klein, and Morris Gleitzman. Always an avid reader as a child, J.O had a vivid imagination, like most children. It wasn’t until 2016, that he realised his love for creative writing, and released his first novel, First Crush in the Dark Falkon Series that same year. In January 2020, he began his first MM book, The Australian, part of the Men Of The World Series. When J.O isn’t hidden behind his laptop or iPad, he works in a busy retail environment of Customer Service and management. J.O lives a quiet life on a rural property in Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs.

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Series: Misty Lyrics

Author: Vivian Murdoch

Genre: Daddy Dom Christmas Romance

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Christmas comes but once a year, and that’s one too many times for me.

This year is no different, but the hated holiday brings more than slacking workers and “holiday cheer.”

A blast from my past not only infiltrates my workspace with her incompetence, she shows up at a secret retreat – wreaking havoc to my well-laid plans.

It won’t be Santa she has to worry about pleasing. I will bend her to my will by bending her over my bench.

Merry Christmas to me.